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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Harry Potter Quilt Along - Week 21 (with a bonus surprise!)

The Project of Doom 2015 Quilt Along on Fandom In Stitches photo PoD2015ComingSoon_zpsf2dd6a6c.jpg

Welcome to  Week 21  in our  Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt Along. It's an EXTRA special day today!

For the remainder of our Quilt Along, you can find the summary with all links to previous posts after each week's block photos, below the 2011 pattern. I will be adding the new patterns to the Harry Potter pattern archive as time permits.

And now... Week Twenty One! 

2015 PoD Update - Block 21 & 22
Week 21 2015 Version
Includes Blocks 21 & 22!

Bowing to popular demand and repeated requests over the years, the Sorting Hat has received a complete overhaul!

Instead of the innocent, slouched old hat in the 2011 PoD (below), the 2015 Sorting Hat is inspired by the Harry Potter movies, a larger version of one of my existing HP designs.

Unlike the 2011 pattern, today's pattern includes both Block 21 & Block 22 with variations in a single document.

 This block is 10" x 20" finished. And yes, there will be a block next week, so not to worry!

The first variation comes right off of the original inspiration of the PoD, the Harry Potter Bookcase Mural I painted for my daughter way back in 2003! I originally wanted to include Crookshanks when designing the 2011 version of the PoD, but I thought it would be too much. With this update, I think you'll find Crookshanks completely doable.

For those Dark Arts quilters among you, I have something entirely different in store for you...slither down to find out what!

If you prefer the 2011 Sorting Hat, you'll find the link below. There's absolutely no reason not to use it if you like it best!

Please send pattern corrections to ofenjen@fandominstitches.com

The variations below are included in the pattern update. 

2015 PoD Update - Block 21 & 22 (Crookshanks variation)

2015 PoD Update - Block 21 & 22 (Nagini variation)

***Variations: TOP - Crookshanks!, BOTTOM - Nagini***

POD-Week 21 PoD-Week 22
Block  21 & Block 22 - 2011 Version
(please note, these patterns are in two files)

All original Project of Doom patterns will continue to be available on the Harry Potter page right here on Fandom In Stitches

The following is a summary of all of our 2015 PoD Quilt Along posts so far. All patterns will also be added to the Harry Potter Pattern archive here on Fandom In Stitches as time permits.

  • Week Three - includes Block 3 with two variations
  • Week Four  - includes Block 4 with two variations
  • Week 5 - includes Block 5 pattern
  • Week 6 - includes Block 6 with two variations
  • Week 7 - includes Block 7 with one variation
  • Week 9 - includes Block 9 with variation
  • Week 10 - includes Block 10 with variation
  • Week 11 - includes Block 11 with variations
  • Week 12 - includes Block 12 with variations
  • Week 13 - includes Block 13 with variation
  • Week 14 - includes Block 14 with variations
  • Week 15 - includes Block 15 with variations
  • Week 16 - includes Block 16 with variations
  • Week 17 - includes Block 17 and variation
  • Week 18 - includes Block 18 and variation
  • Week 19 - includes Block 19 and variations
  • Week 20 - includes Block 20 and variation

flickr prize
May 2015 PoD Flickr Group partipation prize

Welcome to our special Harry Potter-themed prize donated by me for sharing your 2015 PoD photos with our Fandom In Stitches Flickr group

Winner to be announced Tuesday, June 2, 2015!

Since this prize is coming out of my own stash, only photos of blocks made from my original patterns (unaltered/unedited) PoD are eligible to win.

Why share via flickr? It's the best way for me to post your photos right here on fandominstitiches.comEvery Tuesday, we have a virtual show & tell called Tuesday Photos so everyone following along can see an entire week's picture in one place every Tuesday. 

The May winner will receive a fat quarter of licensed Harry Potter themed fabric, collectible Order of the Phoenix bookmark set,  a Fandom in Stitches button and enough Jelly Bean fabric for his or her Project of Doom quilt!

Project of Doom 2015 - Signature Block

If you've participated in events like this with me before, then you know that I LOVE signature quilts! I'd like to invite everyone participating in the 2015 Project of Doom Quilt Along to share a block for a special 2015 Signature Quilt. Names can be hand or machine embroidered, printed fabric, fabric pen, marker, or stenciled with fabric paint/pen, etc. are all acceptable. Please, no iron-ons or transfers. This quilt is my way of remembering everyone that quilted along in 2015!

The Project of Doom 2015 Quilt Along on Fandom In Stitches photo PoD2015ComingSoon_zpsf2dd6a6c.jpg
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