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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hey There, Designer

Thank you for considering sharing your awesome patterns with Fandom in Stitches! We are an entirely volunteer quilting community and bringing fun, free fandom patterns to the world is a group effort.

Here's what you need to know to submit your work:
  • Patterns must be your own original work.
  • Patterns may not in any way incorporate existing patterns, be identical to, or alter another designer's work.
  • Please search Fandom in Stitches and do a Google search to make sure your pattern idea hasn't already been designed by someone else. Similar subjects are okay, but if you feel your pattern is very close to someone else's work, please contact that designer before submitting your own design to Fandom in Stitches.
  • Patterns must be fandom-related: movies, music, books, etc. If it doesn't fit in a fandom, it is not for this website. 
  • If you reference a piece of fan art, please have permission from the original artist to use their work and provide a link to them for our post.
  • Patterns technique and style are designer's choice. Any style is acceptable as long as it can be used for a quilt and made by hand or basic sewing machine. Examples would be traditional piecing, applique, embroidery, paper piecing, cross-stitch, etc.
  • We do not currently accept machine embroidery files.
  • All FiS patterns are PG-13 or less. This makes our website accessible even when "safe search" is turned on.
  • Patterns can be drafted using drawing or quilting software or hand drawn, as long as they are clean and easy to understand (see suggested resources below).
  • For legal reasons, we are unable to share patterns from designers who sell fandom-themed patterns. For more about this, please read our post, Not For Sale.
We reserve the right to refuse any pattern for not complying with the above guidelines.

To share your pattern with

===> Fill Out This Submission Form <===

  • your name - Please include any copyright and contact information you might wish to share on your actual pattern. If you prefer to not share your contact information, please at least share a name or username and we will forward any messages received through Fandom In Stitches regarding your pattern(s).
  • Pattern Title
  • style used (paper pieced, embroidery, etc.).
  • size of finished item in inches
  • skill level out of 5 (example 2/5 - see the top of any of our pattern pages for more information on how patterns are rated)
  • photo/scan of design
    • Submissions need to be accompanied by a quality sample image of the actual quilt or quilt block (photograph or scan, at least 500 pixels wide). 
    • If at all possible, post to Flickr or host your image on your website or blog. This works great because we can share your image, but you retain control of it.
    • Sharing must be enabled on Flickr or we will not be able to use your link. 
    • Emailed photos work fine, too.
  • PDF Pattern
    •  All patterns should be tested for errors before being submitted. You can test the pattern yourself or have someone else try it out for you (or both!). If you need help finding a pattern tester, please join the Fandom in Stitches Designer & Pattern Tester Group on Facebook. We have lots of members that are happy to help!
    • PDF patterns should be one file. 
    • Word Processors generally have the ability to save as a PDF as do most graphic design softwares. If you would like to save your own patterns as PDF files, but do not have software that will do it, try using Primo PDF or Cute PDF, both are free print-to-PDF software.
    • If you already have a blog or website where you post your patterns, we can link directly to your pattern there. This works out great for everyone: Quilters have easy access to your patterns in context of Fandom categories and you get traffic to your site. Patterns hosted using Google DriveCraftsyDropbox, etc. work great. On Google & Dropbox, make sure your pattern document is set to "share" so we can link to it from FiS. Google Drive and Craftsy especially useful as patterns can be updated without changing the original file link. Click here to learn how to manage files in Google Drive.
    • If you prefer, FiS can upload patterns to our account. 

    Pattern submissions are not accepted via social media. Thank you.

Helpful Software (both free & paid) and Tutorials:

All FiS Designers are welcome to have their names included on the Designer page. If you would like to share more information, please include the following with your submission:
    • Name
    • Location
    • Photo of yourself (optional) - Flickr photos work best
    • A brief description of your work.
    • Link to your blog or website.

Please note: Fandom In Stitches is funded by Jennifer Ofenstein of Sewhooked and there is no compensation for posted patterns. All FiS Designers are volunteers. You keep all copyright for your patterns and only agree to allow Fandom In Stitches to share them. We reserve the right to refuse any pattern that is inappropriate and you may ask us to remove your patterns at any time.

Patterns are provided by designers free for non-profit and personal use only. Patterns are not to be sold anywhere at any time. Use for manufacture, etc., is strictly prohibited.