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Sunday, May 1, 2011


We begin January 16!


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***all patterns are rated by their respective designers or pattern testers***

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Row Designed by Chris Clayton
(with support from Mary Clayton)
10" x 58" (10 1/2" x 58 1/2")

Blocks 1 & 4             Block 2              Block 3               Block 5    
Row Designed by Tammy Keefer
10" x 58" (10 1/2" x 58 1/2")
Section 1 & 3 are 10" x 20", Section 2 is 10" x 18"

Sections 1 & 2           Section 3  
Row Designed by Jennifer Ofenstein
10" x 58" (10 1/2" x 58 1/2")

Wormhole                     Defiant, Bajoran Raider &              Deep Space Nine
Bajoran Assault Vessel

Row Designed by Jessica Lee Blacknall
10" x 58" (10 1/2" x 58 1/2")

Borg Sphere with Tractor Beam, Voyager, Nacene (The Caretakers), Val Jean (Maquis Raider), & Caretaker's Array
74" x 84"
includes fabric amounts
for border
designed by Jennifer Ofenstein
tested by Heidi Hansen
6" x 34" (6 1/2" x 34 1/2" with seam allowance)
Want a different size? We can show you how!

10" paper pieced
Tester is Daphne Seymour
10" paper pieced
28.23" x 12" paper pieced

 photo TheCommandTeambyRachelMcGlone_zps76a2a5b0.jpg
Voyager: The Command Team
Rachel McGlone
5" embroidered

Tested by Jessica Hart
10" paper pieced
39.4" x 22.84: Paper Pieced
7" embroidered
6" x 8" paper pieced
Star Trek Uniform - Voyager
10" paper pieced
Star Trek Uniform -TNG
10" paper pieced

8"x10"  paper pieced
10" wide paper pieced

Aalia Zaman
10" paper pieced
Aalia Zaman
10" paper pieced
10"x20" paper pieced
20" x 8" paper pieced
Vanda Chittenden
10" Paper Pieced

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