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Lupin IIIMiyazaki ( Studio Ghibli)| Pokémon

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Lupin III

Lupin and Fujiko
20" x 20" pp & embroidery

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Miyazaki /Studio Ghibli

10" x 20" paper pieced

Chibi Totoro
10" paper pieced & embroidered

Chu Totoro
10" paper pieced & embroidered

10" paper pieced & embroidered

10" paper pieced & embroidered

10" paper pieced & embroidered

Blonde Howl
(Howl's Moving Castle)
Gretchen Kohlhaas
12" x 18" paper pieced

Michelle Thompson
9.5" x 10.25" pp & embroidery 
Glaceon by Angela Gross photo glaceon by angela_zpsna1trqda.jpg
Angela Gross
10" paper pieced
Beth G. (Foxfire) 
12" paper pieced

Michelle Thompson
10" pp & embroidery
Angela Gross
7" x 10" paper pieced
Angela Gross
10" x 10.67" paper pieced
Angela Gross
10" x 8.17" paper pieced

Evee photo Eevee by Angela Gross_zps0y3tilqz.jpg
Angela Gross
10" paper pieced + embroidery
Jolteon photo Jolteon by Angela Gross_zpsaqy4n05d.jpg
10" x 10.9" paper pieced
Sylveon by Angela Gross photo Test Block Complete_zpsgoghx1hj.jpg
10" paper pieced + embr

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