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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


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photo tababom_designer_zps12d4fb2f.jpg photo nawwal_designer_zps48cfb1fc.jpg photo dwsal_designer_zpse53de48f.jpg  The Project of Doom 2015 Quilt Along on Fandom In Stitches photo PoD2015ComingSoon_zpsf2dd6a6c.jpg smartphone quilt along  I Want To Believe: An X-Files Quilt & Stitch Along coming 2016 on fandominstitches.com                 

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Jennifer Ofenstein

Fandom in Stitches Owner/Editor
Austin, Texas, USA

Jennifer is the owner and editor for Fandom In Stitches. She has been creating fandom quilt patterns since 2005. She is a designer, crafter, webmistress, and paper piecing instructor. She is best known for introducing Harry Potter Paper Piecing quilts to the world and for her other creations shared via Sewhooked, as well being part of the weekly craft vlog community, Talk To Me Tuesday. She's also an avid charity quilter intent on using her skills to #quiltforgood.

Jennifer hosted the original Project of Doom (2011), There and Back Again (2012) and The Doctor Who Stitch Along (2013), As You Wish: A Princess Bride Quilt & Stitch Along (2014) and The Project of Doom QAL (2015), I Want to Believe (2016),the Goblin King (2017); The Star Trek Row Along, A Rankin/Bass Inspired Quilt Along, and will be hosting 2021 A Year Of Doom.

Jennifer's work has been published in Fat Quarterly, multiple issues of Quiltmaker Magazine and has been featured in various websites, magazines and books. Jennifer is the award-winning designer of The Project of Doom: A Harry Potter Block of the Week Bookcase Quilt.

    I Want To Believe: An X-Files Quilt & Stitch Along coming 2016 on fandominstitches.comThe Project of Doom 2015 Quilt Along on Fandom In Stitches photo PoD2015ComingSoon_zpsf2dd6a6c.jpg photo tababom_designer_zps12d4fb2f.jpg photo nawwal_designer_zps48cfb1fc.jpg photo dwsal_designer_zpse53de48f.jpg  

Lilja Björk
Lilja Björk Sigurdórsdóttir (liljabs)
Reykjavík, Iceland

Lilja has been designing paper pieced patterns since early 2010. She is currently a stay at home aunt and spends most of her free time crafting and designing quilt blocks.

Lilja was the host & a designer for Not All Who Wander Are Lost, a Lord of the Rings Block of the Month here on Fandom In Stitches.

photo tababom_designer_zps12d4fb2f.jpg photo nawwal_designer_zps48cfb1fc.jpg 

Michelle Thompson (misha29)
Sydney, Australia

Mom of two children.
I work part time as a book keeper.
I have been quilting for 14 years - I started when my daughter was born with a Sunbonnet Sue crib quilt but I have been sewing since I was 8 (well that's when I got my first sewing machine). I have been designing my own patterns for a while now - maybe 5 years or more and have been paper piecing since quilt number 2.

photo tababom_designer_zps12d4fb2f.jpg photo nawwal_designer_zps48cfb1fc.jpg   

Alida (TweLoQ)
Derwood, MD, USA
blog pattern blog

Computer Science researcher from 9 am to 5 pm... 

Paper piecing obsessed person from 7 am to 8:59 am and from 5:01 pm to 11 pm :)

I put my hands on a sewing machine for the first time in December 2012 and since then I never stopped! I started designing my patterns after few months because, as a computer scientist, I had to use all those amazing software to create paper piecing patterns!

My favorite patterns to design are Alice in Wonderland, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and many other Disney characters.

In March 2014, TweLoQ joined the Fandom in Stitches staff as one of our Staff Writers.

Vanda Chittenden
Amanzimtoti, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

It's funny, I never like sewing. Until 1 day 3 years ago, my Late Aunt introduced me to quilting and I was hooked. I mostly did traditional quilts for awhile, then I started trying out paper piecing patterns when I stumbled on Fandom in Stitches 2 years ago. It was so addicting, I just can't stop sewing. Then this year, for the geek in me, I decided I need to take things further and start designing my own patterns, as I really wanted to make some Geek related quilts. I hope you like my patterns that I am sharing with you.

Vanda joined the Fandom in Stitches staff as a Staff Writer March 2015.


Twilight Cover (pieced by Elizabeth)
Catherine Magraith (hardhatcat)
South Australia
Mum of two young boys, I’m also a Civil/Traffic Engineer in the office and a knitting/sewing crafty person at home.  Although I have been sewing general items since I was about 8, I got interested in quilting with Jennifer Ofenstein’s Harry Potter quilt blocks.  That meant I also had to learn to PP.  Thanks to Jennifer and her great online tutorials I learned to do both and it wasn’t long and I was starting to design my own. I’ve designed for a few fandoms including Harry Potter, but have done a lot of work on Twilight themed quilt blocks and have participated in a few Twilight themed charity fundraiser quilts.

I’m also known for my love of chickens (I have pet chickens) and have designed several chicken themed blocks over the years.

Schenley Pilgram (schenleyp)

Schenley has been paper-piecing and designing original patterns since late 2009.  She currently works as a TSS with kids on the autism spectrum, but spends most of her remaining time sewing, taking pictures, keeping up with friends on facebook, and spoiling two house rabbits.  

photo tababom_designer_zps12d4fb2f.jpg photo nawwal_designer_zps48cfb1fc.jpg

Jennifer Rowles photo playfulpiecing_zpsfegdup1l.jpg
Jennifer Rowles
Playful Piecing
Texas, USA

My very first attempt at quilting was as broke 19 yr old. Hand sewn top that never got quilted is still in my sewing room. My first experience paper piecing came in 2010. I found Jennifer’s original (Ya Know before POD!) Harry Potter patterns. Determined to make one of my Potter Fanatics in the house a Harry Potter quilt, I started paper piecing without a clue to what I was doing. I have been hooked on paper piecing ever since. I  enjoy hand embroidery, machine embroidery, and traditional quilting, But PP is my first love!

I started designing in 2013, when I couldn’t locate just the right character for my littlest Star Wars fan in the house. I have truly enjoyed seeing my patterns come to life and sharing them with you. I hope you loved them as much as I do. 

smartphone quilt along  

Max and Valerie Quote by Kim for fandominstitches.com photo maxandvaleriequotebyKim_zps38d672f2.jpg
Kim K
Evansville, In, USA

Hi y'all! I design works based off of the fandoms I adore. Some of the things you'll see from me are HP, LOTR, Pixar, Disney, Hunger Games, Superheroes, Doctor Who, and many, many more. I'm a bit of a geek (punny, right?) and I can't wait to share more geeky patterns with you guys!

photo dwsal_designer_zpse53de48f.jpg 

Aalia Zaman (aalia7)
Texas, USA

I was introduced to paperpiecing through Jennifer's Project of Doom and was instantly addicted. I've been sewing and embroidering since I was a girl, and am just now beginning to design paperpieced patterns. This happens as life permits...I am a homeschooling mum of two amazing little girls. Oh, and fandoms? HP and ST:TNG. And I'm still an X-Phile. :)

photo dwsal_designer_zpse53de48f.jpg 

Susanne Klemm
Quilt It Out

I am in love with fabric and sewing. I like to quilt, sew bags and pouches. I share my crafty live on my blog.

Best wishes
Susanne aka Suleon

Liza Smith
Denver, CO, USA
Blog Etsy Facebook

I've always been a crafty person.  After learning to make handmade cards to save money one holiday season I was hooked.  Soon I was learning new crafts such as crochet, acrylic painting, and photography.  In the winter of 2011 I began to be drawn into sewing after seeing clothing reconstruction videos online.  After growing up wearing handmade clothes that my mother made out of necessity I knew my mother had the skills to teach me.  Digging her old machine out of storage she taught me the basics and set me free, and I haven't looked back since.  Quilting came as an afterthought when I saw a quilt kit on clearance in my local craft store.  I now do more of it than any other craft.  I'm still learning quilting basics, and designing basics, and loving every minute!

Kristen Nelson

I have been sewing since age 10. I started with cross stitch and worked my way up to other things. My introduction to paper piece quilting was the Twilight block of the month on the twilight crafts web site. From there I found sewhooked and now FIS. I started designing my own patterns in 2011 after I had surgery and couldn't sew. I love designing blocks, but I'm very fast at sewing them.

Regina Grewe
Textile Landscapes

Regina Grewe lives in Germany and is well known for her nature oriented patterns. She started quilting in 1999 and developed a lively interest in its technical aspects. Soon she became a teacher for piecing and appliqué in Germany and Europe. Along the way she developed her personal style on paper piecing techniques and patterns. She also has an international website where she provides free patterns and tips.

photo nawwal_designer_zps48cfb1fc.jpg

profile picture
Elizabeth Mosher, aka "Doodle"
Painted Post, NY, USA

My mother was a wonderful seamstress and she taught me how to sew early on. She taught me the basics of paper-piecing, but I was an impatient little kid and quickly got frustrated and bored... It wasn't until after I had gotten married that I picked up quilting again, but this time I found paper-piecing to be delightful! Stumbling across Fandom in Stitches opened my eyes to the possibilities that paper-piecing afforded and I couldn't resist designing some of my own patterns. My husband and our young son are very patient with me as my fabric stash threatens to escape the sewing room and take over the house!

photo ACQuilts_zpsf7d5114d.jpg
A.E. Clark (AC Quilts)
Tales of a Caffeine Junkie

My grandmother taught me to stitch by hand when I was 5. The first thing I made was a comforter for my American Girl Doll’s bed. Since then, there’s been no turning back. I machine stitch clothes, and knit and crochet anything you can name (even making my own fandom patterns). My first quilt was just a bunch of squares of fabric leftover from various projects. My first foray into paper-piecing was after I saw a picture of the PoD on tumblr and thought “I can make that” – a thought I often have when I see things online. Since then, FiS has become a bit of a drug that balances the insanity of my non-crafting life where I’m pursuing a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry. Crafting keeps me sane. Thanks for promoting my sanity.

photo KayleeOvel_zps9a28748a.jpg
Kaylee Ovel
New Hampton, Iowa, USA
A major geek who knows her Sontarans from her Ferengi. First started crafting around four when her lovely mother taught her how to crochet. Worked at a local quilting shop threw out high school learning all types of skills. Recently graduated from University of Northern Iowa with a major in studio arts.

Learned of FIS threw the wonderful TABABOM.

photo jennajohnson_zps0fff62f1.jpg
Jenna Johnson
Bristol, Virginia, USA
I'm a 26 year old who doesn't really know what she wants to do when she grows up, but I really love crafting: crochet, quilting, embroidering, costuming, paper crafts and more. (Although knitting seems to be beyond my reach.)

photo DSC_9160_zps7c1b8723.jpg
Helen Welsh (StitchyDragon)
I’m Helen Welsh aka StitchyDragon & I live in the Highlands of Scotland. I’ve been sewing in one form or another since I was tiny & the saying “my heart is fed with needle & thread” could have been written about me! In addition to quilting, cross stitch, & more general sewing, I enjoy crochet, knitting, & card making. A couple of years ago I finally found a use for computers & the internet – exploring the wide world of online crafting! I have “met” new friends & learned many new skills & techniques including paper piecing.

photo clare_zpsa70720e5.jpg
Hertfordshire UK
BeeKnee Hoonies 
Twitter FB Pinterest
I love to sew and crochet. I'm generally a fabricaholic and a craftypants :) 

Started paper piecing in Jan 2013 and fell madly in love with it! Im new to designing so please be gentle with me :) 

I love to chat so pop by and say hellooo on twitter or my facebook page :) 

photo PoohbyLyyneS_zpsc53be514.jpg
Lynne Schwarz 
I’m a new empty-nester, wife and Greater Columbia Quilt Guild member who has only recently started quilting when I came across the Fandom Website and fell in love with paper piecing. My family and I are life-long Disney fans but love anything Science Fiction or book related. I have just started my hand at designing and would love to start a blog but I'm like a monkey with two sticks at the computer at this time! Let me learn a bit more and then watch out!! Any questions, comments or requests, please email me at: schwarzthomas@hotmail.com

photo SockMonkeydone_zps2d7692f6.jpg
Katie Olson
Tacoma, WA, USA
I am a elementary music teacher who enjoys quilting to relax, I got hooked on fandom in stitches thanks to the muppets patterns and decided to try a sock monkey pattern to go with some fabric I had been given. That was successful, so my aunt recruited me to draft some Dr. Seuss patterns for her, and I have found it a lot of fun. I have been quilting for over half my life. I love miniature and intricately pieced blocks, and have completed a Dear Jane quilt and am working on a Nearly Insane one on and off now in between any number of other projects.

photo suchasewandsew_zps8de6e487.jpg
Elizabeth (Such a Sew and Sew)

I’m a mom to two beautiful kids and have a wonderful husband. I’m a mostly part-time but sometimes full-time book keeper and in every spare moment, I love to sew. My mom taught me when I was about 8. I started with pillowcases and shorts and then moved on to Cabbage Patch Kids clothes and then actual people clothes. I have always loved the “fabric arts.” I took a break from it, though, from my early twenties to my late twenties and at that time found that I love piecing quilts. In the last few years, I’ve learned how to machine quilt and wish I could piece and quilt all the time. I also love embroidery and appliqué. When I’m not at my machine, I like to cook and garden.

Infinity scarf with AMH velveteen and voile
 Tanesha (CraftyGardenMom)
Maryland, USA

CraftyGarden Mom Blog
CraftyGarden Mom PodCast
I am a Mom to 2 young girls and in my "rare and spare" time I love working on my hobbies of quilting, knitting, and gardening - not necessarily in that order. I am also a proud book nerd, and have the best f/t career as a book buyer where I can read to my heart's desire and get a paycheck to do it. I've been making stuff since I was very young, and quilting for over 20 yrs. I have a wicked case of Crafter's ADD and you'll often find me happily wandering the craft store aisles picking up yarn, fabric, scrapbooking supplies, or jewelry making supplies that will either sit on my shelves for months unused, or in a mad flurry of creativity, be used up in a weekend. One day I bumped my head hard in one of those craft store aisles and decided to start a blog calling myself the Crafty Garden Mom, a nickname my daughter gave me one day while we were gardening right after crafting together. A few months later I bumped my head again (have to stop DOING that!) and started recording a podcast about crafting, books, and motherhood (Crafty Garden Mom in iTunes).

photo humperdinckquotebyamber_zps15d317a8.jpg
Amber Lowery
Illinois, USA

Amber is a bit of a quirky crafter.  Fairly new to embroidery, she began designing her own patterns in late 2013 after some encouragement and enabling.

Known better for her prolific crochet works and her pattern testing abilities (as well as Secret Keeper  AND Princess duties), Amber strives to learn new stuff every day. (Good thing she works in a library.)

Designing blocks for the As You Wish 2014 was her first (but hopefully not her last) designing adventure with Fandom In Stitches.

Gretchen Kohlhaas
Illinois, USA

I have been sewing since I was a little kid in Clothing I in 4-H, but I have been quilting since I was 16 or 17 - a long time. I sewed a Log Cabin Quilt In A Day quilt top that I entered into my 4-H Show Days - and the lady didn't believe I had made it - how funny is that! Now, I did not quilt it - my aunt quilted it on her then-brand new long arm machine, but I don't think the judge could even wrap her head around a 17 year old making a quilt back then.  Since then I have moved from strip piecing, to intricate and HST's, through traditional, to hand sewing hexies, to following modern bloggers, to finding the PoD in 2015. I was instantly hooked on PP and when I couldn't find the patterns I wanted, I decided to figure out QA and make my own! I can't hardly sew without that satisfying popping sound that only needle through paper can make. 😉 Thanks for letting me share my patterns with you guys!

Karen photo profilepic_zpscbdevudl.jpg
Karen Mcguigan
Darwin, Australia

I live in tropical Darwin, Australia, with almost no need for quilts or blankets, but here I am anyway still working on lots of them!

As well as working full time in an entirely unrelated field, I am a self-taught knitter, sewer, quilter and occasional blogger who enjoys trying new things crafty and creative and seeing what happens. 

Discovering Fandom in Stitches in 2015, my inner, nerdy fandomness was released and I found myself obsessively stitching up lots of fandom patterns. All that time spent creating from others' pattern inevitably evolved into dabbling in both embroidery and paper-pieced pattern designing.

The Strange Are Quilting
Michigan, USA

I am a mother to two wonderful children, married and work full-time as a scientist. On top of designing geeky quilt patterns, I knit, crochet, afghan crochet, write fan fiction, design cross-stitch designs and sew in my free time.

Jeanie Payment
Jeanie's Dreams
Ripley, TN

I have been quilting for over 20 years, but it hasn,t been until the last few years when I started challaging myself.I am self taught, and pretty much stuck with simple patterns that I drew out on draft paper. I have no idea how many quilts I have made over the years.

I let quilting go for several years. Went back to school and started a new career.

I started back quilting small projects, researching online groups. After seeing such amazing work from everyone I was inspired to challange my style. I have grown leaps and bounds this time and have no intention of stopping.

On every quilt you do try at least one new thing. There are so many options, you just might surprise yourself.

Holly Urbain
I work selling land surveying equipment & software and train users on the gear throughout the Midwest of USA. I grew up in a western Chicago suburb and currently live in Wisconsin with my two cats. My mom taught me to sew as a child. I must always be creating something using fabric, stained and fused glass, clay, wood, watercolor paint or glass fired enamels. I love gardening and sports.

I am addicted to paper piece pattern making. I found the FIS site when making quilts for my nieces and nephews in early 2017. They are all still UFO. I pieced a compete full size POD of Harry potter designs and pieced a bunch of the FIS Star Wars designs. Began PP designing with more Star Wars and Marvel comic designs to fill up their quilts and got hooked. I like to test for other talented designers to remind me of good design techniques but really prefer making the designs! I am very happy and humbled to be a part of this group and get joy when I see one of my designs come together. I love Christmas and all things Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. I am proud to have participated in the Rankin Bass quilt along 2019.

@somecallmelolly on IG/ TikTok
Mom of 4, Nana of 1
Laura works as an F-15 Engineer and found paper piecing/ fandom quilting in 2013.  As a total Harry Potter nerd - the Project of Doom set the stage for other multi-fandom variations of the same quilt and led to designing in 2015.  To date, Laura has designed patterns for the Jurassic Park QAL (2020) and Year of Doom QAL (2021) as well as many other patterns for fandominstitches.com.


Jane Korsberg
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
I have sewn most of my life (starting with clothing construction), but got hooked on paper-piecing in 2014 when I took a Judy Niemeyer pattern class.  I discovered FIS when The Star Trek Row Along was introduced.  Since then I’ve enthusiastically made many quilts using the patterns shared.  I wanted to “give back” so began testing blocks for designers, and then decided to take the plunge to try designing in 2020.  The more I do, the more I enjoy the process! This group is wonderfully supportive (shout out to Holly).   As I head toward retirement (I am a Registered Dietitian in private practice), I plan to be involved more. :-) 

Roxanne Ludwig
I have been quilting for over 30 years and have developed a love for paper piecing. For the last 6 years I have been designing for myself. And now I want to design for others to sew. It’s exciting to see the final result sewn by others.

(Designs coming soon!) 

Me in a tiny top hat

Shae Merritt (shaebay)
Blog Tumblr Etsy

The sorting hat
Connie Tessier (owlsea)

Marissa Nichols (née Dinsdale)(mkissa)

Mary Groesbeck (queenmlv)

House Points
Jennifer Tanner (hpfan_poa)

Julie Pyka (jpyka2)

Frances Larson (ladyoflosttimes)

Potions Bottles, designed by craftylilthing
pj (craftylilthing)

Hogwarts, designed by llhaney00
Lisa H. (lhaney00)

Canucks Hockey stick Mug Rug
Sonja Callahan


Abby Assetto
Deviant Art

Anna M. Hudson

Breanne Cremean

photo nawwal_designer_zps48cfb1fc.jpg

Kristel Carnahan
Work In Progress Girl

photo dwsal_designer_zpse53de48f.jpg 

Jordan Frederick

photo dwsal_designer_zpse53de48f.jpg

photo TARDISbyjen_zpsc7d99991.jpg
Angelica Rodriguez

photo dwsal_designer_zpse53de48f.jpg

Amber G.

Linda Fishman

photo aywdesignerbadge_zps5b85c63d.jpg

Jessica Blacknall
Sew Much Mischief

MC Simard

River Song

Final block

Kerry Dustin

Hungarian Horntail by Jen Rose for fandominstitches.com photo HungarianHorntail_JenRosePatternPhoto_zpsec5359dd.jpg
Jennifer Rose
Minnesota, USA

Kristi Lehane photo kristi_zps7ebao2yk.jpg
Kristi Lehane
Warner Robins, GA

Angela Bennett


Anita M

Beth Gough

Daphne Seymour


Kylie Pecarina

Mel Moore

Michelle Tuller

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