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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

X-Files Quilt & Stitch Along: I Want To Believe WEEK SEVEN

#xfilesquilt - I Want To Believe on fandominstitches.com

Welcome to the SEVENTH week of our #XFILESQUILT Event! 

After today, it's all downhill, baby!

I Want To Believe: An X-Files Quilt & Stitch Along is designed and presented by me, Jennifer Ofenstein (also find me on sewhooked.com).

And now... BLOCK SEVEN!
#xfilesquilt Week 7 - The Truth is Out There
6” X 55” Finished (6 1/2” X 55 1/2” unfinished)
Paper Pieced
made with background fabric and your second lightest color


Don't run away! This block is not nearly as scary as it might seem. Promise!

Did you complete TRUST NO ONE

Then you've got this! 

The text is the same, the piecing is the same, it's just a longer phrase.

Besides, it would not be an X-Files quilt without this iconic phrase. Check out the picture up top to see how very cool it's going to look in your completed quilt.

One more photo for scale. :)

#paperpiecing #protip: shorten stitch length and take a few stitches before and after sewing line to lock stitches in place. This will save you from popped seams (and heartbreak!).

Jennifer's Tips for Week 7: 
  • There are a lot of pieces for this design, but it is super simple to piece. Each unit can be chain pieced.
  • Cut several strips of your lightest fabric (the letters) 1 1/4" x WOF for easier piecing.
  • I also cut two - 2" & 3" strips of my background fabric, cutting small amounts at my sewing machine as I worked. You'll need several of each size.
  • One thing to watch: make sure your light fabric is always a bit wider in the seam allowance than the dark fabric to keep the dark edges from shadowing through
  • Shorten stitch length and take a few stitches before and after sewing line to lock stitches in place (see photo). This will save you from popped seams later.
  • To reduce bulk as you are joining the pattern units (A, B, C, etc.) together, remove the paper from the seam allowance as you go.

7" (7 1/2" unfinished)
paper pieced

REMINDER:  If you are participating in I Want To Believe: An X-Files Quilt & Stitch Along, then you are cordially invited to make a Signature Block for this very special quilt. It is not required, but it is much appreciated! ♥ Patterns are due December 1, 2016. More details in the pattern document.

Pattern links so far:
About this EVENT:
  • I Want To Believe: An X-Files Quilt & Stitch Along (#xfilesquilt), is a free event hosted on fandominstitches.com. It was conceived of and designed by Jennifer Ofenstein of sewhooked.com & fandominstitches.com.
  • The event runs through March 30, 3016. 
  • This event includes 12 free patterns plus additional bonus blocks to use as you wish as well as piecing instructions for the quilt top.
  • Patterns are a combination of hand embroidered and paper pieced. The pattern sizes for each block correspond with the layout shown.
  • Feel free to use colors that work best for you.
  • The final quilt size as designed is 50” x 64”.

Helpful Information:
  • These patterns are free for your personal and NON-profit use only. Not to be used for manufacture or distribution. Sale of this pattern or quilts made from this pattern is prohibited. No infringement of any kind is intended.
  • For best results with paper pieced patterns, print with NO SCALING. In Google Drive, uncheck “fit to page..” See your printer instructions for more details if needed. One-inch scale included on every page for your convenience.
  • Fabric amounts are generous estimates and are provided as a courtesy. Actual amounts may vary depending on your paper piecing technique. (MORE DETAILS IN PRINTABLE DOCUMENT).
  • Need paper piecing or embroidery help? Click here.
  • Visit sewhooked.com for more paper piecing help.
  • Community support can be found in The X-Files Quilt & Stitch Along Facebook Group.
  • Win prizes monthly during 2016 on fandominstitches.com by sharing photos with the FiS flickr group.
  • Posting on social media? Mark you photos #xfilesquilt!

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I Want To Believe: An X-Files Quilt & Stitch Along coming 2016 on fandominstitches.com  

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