Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wizards, not Hobbits

We don't have any new TABABOM photos to share this week, but we did have something very special pop up in the flickr group, a completed Project of Doom quilt!

I'm especially happy to share this lovely quilt with you because last Tuesday marked the end of regular posts on Harry Potter Paper Piecing, the group that spawned Fandom In Stitches. The HP patterns that were created with love and fandomy care and shared on Harry Potter Paper Piecing, including the complete set of Project of Doom patterns, are now archived here on Fandom In Stitches!

pieced by seemesew

close up of quilting
pieced by seemesew

Month 4: January 4, 2012

Looking for The Hobbit? Don't miss our Block of the Month! There's a new pattern coming next week, what better time to catch up?

There and Back Again Monthly Pattern Posts:

You still haven't read The Hobbit?
Why on earth not??

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