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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fabulous Fandom Mash-Up Entries!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Tuesday Photos to bring you the entries for the Fabulous Fandom Mashup!

The rules were simple: Take any pattern from Fandom In Stitches and use it for a fandom it was not intended for.

Easy peasy, right?

And now....the entries! Be sure to make note of your favorite...the poll is below!

Thomas the Tank Engine
Thomas the Thank Engine by Doodle-ee-doo
(Thomas the Tank)
Original pattern:
Hogwarts Expresspress by Connie Tessier (Harry Potter)

KITT by Doodle-ee-doo
(Knight Rider)
Original pattern:
Lightning McQueen by liljabs (Cars)

General Lee
General Lee by Doodle-ee-doo
(Dukes of Hazzard)
Original pattern:
1967 Impala SC by Jennifer Ofenstein (Supernatural)

Edward's Bed
Edward's Bed by Such a Sew and Sew
Original Patterns:
Harry's Bed by Jennifer Ofenstein (Harry Potter)
Gaunt's Ring by Michelle Thompson (Harry Potter)
Rose by Cat Magraith (Doctor Who)

The TARDIS at Spinner's End
The TARDIS at Spinner's End by Aalia Zaman
(Doctor Who/Harry Potter)
Original pattern: 
Pattern removed at designer's request. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

High School Musical Quilt
High School Musical Quilt by Such a Sew and Sew
(High School Musical)
Original Pattern:
UNI Panther by Cat Magraith (College Sports)

Isle Esme
Isle Esme by Such a Sew and Sew
Original Pattern:
Quill by Jennifer Ofenstein (Harry Potter)

Tie Fighter by abbiedans
(Star Wars)
Original Pattern:
Green Lantern by Liljabs (Comic Books/Green Lantern)

Womble house_wimbledon common_orinoco_Bag end pattern
The Wombles by Cat Magraith
(The Wombles)
Original Pattern:
Bag End by Breanne Cremean (Lord of the Rings)

Bella's Sippy Cup
Bella's Sippy Cup by jewah1976
Original Pattern:
GLEE Slushy by Schenley Pilgram (Glee)

spiderman 001
Ron's Worst Nightmare by Terrijj
(Harry Potter)
Original Pattern:
Spiderman by Liljabs (Comic Books/Spiderman)

Gryffyindor chair 001
Gryffindor Chair by Terrijj
(Harry Potter)
Original Pattern:
Thinking Chair by Jennifer Ofenstein (Blue's Clues)

Doctor #4 Mug Rug
Doctor #4 Mug Rug by Aalia Zaman
(Doctor Who)
Original Patterns:
Torn Ribbon by Cat Magraith (Twilight)
TARDIS by Jennifer Ofenstein (Doctor Who)

Due to the awesome number of entries, we were not able to vote via Facebook group as we originally planned. Voting is open to the public, but we would like to ask that you please BE FAIR with your votes. Fandom In Stitches reserves the right to exclude any entry receiving multiple votes from the same IP address.

Fabulous Fandom Mashup Challenge

The winner will be announced Friday, March 8 and will win an awesome Fandom In Stitches tee!

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  1. Well done everyone..very creative...♥

  2. Jennifer, what a fun challenge! Everyone did such a beautiful and creative job!

    xo -E

  3. I saw the entries on my phone briefly and forgot to come back and vote for the HSM quilt! What awesome entries.