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Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Little Help From Our Friends

Meet Payden. He just turned 5 and he loves Blue's Clues.

His grandmother Karen recently reached out to Fandom In Stitches about this special little boy because she's looking to make Payden a Blue's Clues quilt.

We originally posted about the Blue's Clues request herehere and here.

Payden's mom, Emily, got in touch and she has shared some of Payden's story with us:

Payden was born with a birth defect virus known as Congenital Cytomegalovirus or CMV. This virus is the reason he is headed towards his second transplant as well as the cause of his other disabilities and health complications.

Payden spends much of his time in the hospital and something as simple as his very favorite show being on a blanket is a tremendous comfort to him; especially as his 2nd liver transplant approaches. He has many disabilities and challenges, one of them being he is almost completely non-verbal and has had trouble learning sign language but the few signs he knows he uses to tell us he wants Blue's Clues! We were blessed as a family and able to celebrate his 5th birthday on May 30th, this was a milestone no one thought he would ever reach. I was just so touched when my mom told me about your website and the great effort you all have put into this, thank you from the very bottom of my heart!! And Payden's too! I have included a picture of Payden and his best friend a stuffed duck he calls 'Bo' because it reminds him of the duck named Boris from Blue's Clues!
 Blue's Clues - Blue Periwinkle Blue's Clues: Boris

A number of you have already reached out to us and offered to make and donate Blue's Clues blocks for Payden's quilt. His family is happy to receive your blocks and we are happy for you to help!

Blue's Clues: Thinking Chair

Below is a list of our current Blue's Clue's patterns. If you would like to make one or more of these blocks for Payden's quilt, please comment below with the block or blocks you'd like to make. Please include your contact information with your comment or email us so we can send you the address you need to mail the blocks to.

All blocks need to be mailed no later than June 18, 2012. The sooner, the better.

Blue's Clues Paw Print Blue's Clues - Crayon
We'd love to have multiple volunteers make Pawprints and Crayons. 

Multiples of any of the blocks are okay, so if you want to try one that is already has a name beside it, please feel free!

Fabrics are quilter's choice, but please try to keep colors true to character, etc.

Volunteer names are in parenthesis:
  • Periwinkle (Lilja, MaryJane)
  • Blue (Andrea)
  • Pawprints (Soma, Shelley, Sondra, MaryJane, Linda, Carolin)
  • Crayon (Soma, Kristel, Robin, Kerry, MaryJane, Barb, Linda)


June is CMV Awareness month, and you can help by donating just one dollar to the Brendan B. McGinnis Congenital CMV Foundation.Visit the BBMC CMV Website for more information or to make a donation.

On a more personal note, I want to thank every single person that has volunteered to help make quilt blocks, and a preemptive thanks to everyone that volunteers after this post. I myself have volunteered for a local children's blanket making charity, The Linus Connection, for almost ten years. In all that time, I've never met or seen a single photo of, a child that's received one of my blankets. That has never been an issue for me, and it never will be, because I know the children receiving them, like Payden, are more than deserving of a little blanket love!