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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bigger on the Inside

Pattern removed at designer's request. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

One can never have enough TARDIS. TARDI. TARDISes... Wait...what's the plural on that? 


As we mentioned on Monday (and Tuesday!), the FiS Designers are continuing to design Blue's Clues patterns for a sick little boy. He's only four years old and is going to be having his second liver transplant surgery. His very awesome grandmother wants to make him a quilt from his favorite show. 

Since we are designing these as fast as furiously as we can, we're asking for your help to test the patterns.If you make one of these blocks, please email us with any corrections or pattern problems. Your help with this extra special project is greatly appreciated!

You can find the rest of our Blue's Clues patterns here.

Because it is so much easier to use from our end, we are giving Google Documents another go. Please let us know if you have any problems printing the patterns hosted there. All of Michelle's patterns listed above are on Google Docs. We will hold off adding any more documents there until we've given these a try. If you've been around FiS awhile, then you may remember that we've previously had issues with Google Docs printing. The scuttlebutt is that this issue has been resolved...cross your fingers that it's true!

Unfortunately, while the Google Docs were printing fine this go round, they were not accessible to all browser types.  Availability to our readers outweighs inconvenience to us, so we have moved these patterns to our other account.

Don't forget to share your Fandom In Stitches project photos with our flickr group for a chance at our monthly prize! This month we're giving away an official DVD of True Blood minisodes and the TABABOM prize this month is a gorgeous hand embroidered bag! The May prize drawing will be held on Tuesday, June 5.  Only Fandom In Stitches project photos added to the flickr group are eligible for the drawings.

New Block June 6!


  1. I did print out "Steve" and I did have a bit of trouble... I used "file" print, and that only got me half of the first page. When I used the print symbol on the page it got me to the ability to click down the precentage to 100% and then I printed, but under the faces it says steve(at 75% of true size). What size should the block be? Mine measures 1/8th inch less than 7"square.

    I looked at the Salt/Pepper pattern, too. There is discrepancies as to the names of the pattern pieces. Different letters than on the top picture. That could be confusing. Ex: L on the top is the M pattern piece. On the picture the eye pieces are K and H, but on the actual pieces K & L.

    Those are the only 2 patterns I've looked at, so there may be other troubles.

    Has Grandma decided if we can help her? It takes quite a while to make even one block... know what I mean?

    1. Thank you :)
      I'm fixing Salt/pepper right now :) and am going to take a better look at my other two. (I'm working with a new software so the chance of nothing going wrong the first few patterns are slim :P)