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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Summer of Stitching: SHERLOCK HOLMES

Summer of Stitching 2014, A Design Invitational on fandominstitches.com

Welcome to the first installment in The Summer of Stitching! 

Each Wednesday through August, we will bring you a new theme and a new batch of awesome patterns!

Our first theme was....

Summer of Stitching - Sherlock Holmes photo SoSSherlockHolmes_zpsfbc97d23.jpg
You were invited to share ANY Sherlock Holmes-themed patterns, and boy did you come through!

Sherlock by loobyvee
10" x 13" paper pieced

"Highly Functioning Sociopath"
Highly Functioning Sociopath, by Jordan F (dozmuffinxc)
5" embroidered

"I do NOT shave for Sherlock Holmes!"
I do NOT shave for Sherlock Holmesby Jordan F (dozmuffinxc)
5" embroidered

"The game is afoot!"
The Game is Afootby Jordan F (dozmuffinxc)
5" embroidered

"I cannot live without brainwork"
I cannot live without brainworkby Jordan F (dozmuffinxc)
5" embroidered

"Honey, you should see me..."
Honey, you should see me in a crown, by Jordan F (dozmuffinxc)
5" embroidered

IOU, by Jordan F (dozmuffinxc)
5" embroidered

Sherlock Holmes' Violin by Michelle for fandominstitches.com photo michelleviolin_zps8ee6b8b9.jpg
Sherlock Holmes' Violin by Michelle Thompson
10" paper pieced & embroidered

The Reichenbach Fall
The Reichenback Fall, by Kaylee Ovel
5" embroidered

I am Sherlocked, by Kaylee Ovel
5" embroidered

The Great Game
The Great Game, by Kaylee Ovel
5" embroidered

The Blind Banker
The Blind Banker, by Kaylee Ovel
5" embroidered

A Study in Pink
A Study in Pink, by Kaylee Ovel
5" embroidered

Holmes Has A Look
Holmes Has A Look (Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes) by Jennifer Ofenstein
7" embroidered

Aren't these fantastic?! We can't wait to get stitching and we know you can't, either! Click here to see all Sherlock Holmes patterns in our collection.

The second 2014 Summer of Stitching Theme is:

Summer of Stitching - I love Sci-Fi & Fantasy photo SoSIheartscififantasy_zps1a870e9a.jpg

The "I ♥" themes are left wide open for your interpretation! The first up, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, represents a huge portion of our requests here on FiS. This is your chance to help fill the void and boldly design what no designer had designed before!

Are you a huge Firefly fan? Do you regularly visit Narnia? Are you in desperate need of a "Live Long and Prosper" cushion? Do you live in fear of the next character George R.R. Martin will ax? Do you drive an Impala just like the Winchester boys? Maybe you really need a paper pieced Dark Crystal or a Percy Jackson quilt?

Choose ANY fandom (or fandoms!) you love that falls under "Sci-Fi & Fantasy" and start designing! 

Remember, you can submit designs from ANY Summer of Stitching theme all summer long, so if you are still Sherlocked, that's a-okay! New patterns shared between now and Tuesday, June 17 will be posted Wednesday, June 18.

2014 Summer of Stitching Tees
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Summer of Stitching 2014, A Design Invitational on fandominstitches.com

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  1. These are all SO amazing!! I'm obsessed with Sherlock, so these make me all sorts of happy! *claps hands*

  2. I have several finished Sherlock Holmes needlepoint canvases. Some were original designs and others were available as painted. I bought them at Classic Stitch in Winnetka IL