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Friday, April 6, 2012

Feeling Symbolic

Starfleet Insignia (updated)   Starfleet Insignia v2 (updated)
Starfleet v1 and Starfleet v2
updated 2012, designed by Jennifer Ofenstein
5" paper pieced

In a recent bout of Update All The Patterns, I revamped my original two Starfleet Insignia. 

The new patterns are simpler and easier to piece, while still being awesomely Star Trek!

Of course, I couldn't leave it there...while I was at it, I added a Klingon Insignia and an even simpler Starfleet Insignia to the list.

 Klingong Insignia Starfleet Insignia (simple version)
Klingon Insginia and Starfleet Insignia (simple version)
by Jennifer Ofenstein
5" paper pieced

Did you know my first website way back in 1996 was a Star Trek fan site called Star Links? Well, now you do!

Trekker, not Trekkie.

Star Trek patterns on the Sci-Fi Fantasy Page!

...still my favorite ST movie!

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