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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Office Quilt Along - Week 14

Welcome back to THE OFFICE 2022 Quilt Along

Here are a few things to know about this event:

  • The 2022 Fandom in Stitches Quilt Along - THE OFFICE is designed by Laura Shaffstall (@somecallmelolly on IG).
  • Each pattern has been tested for accuracy by Jennifer Waugh (@sheepdogs4us on IG).
  • This event is hosted on Fandom in Stitches & these posts are written by Jennifer Ofenstein.
  • This is the first post for The Office Quilt Along. All subsequent patterns will be posted weekly on Wednesdays into August 2022. All posts will go live at 8 am CST.
  • All blocks are paper pieced, some include embroidery.
  • Blocks vary in size. Finishing instructions for the quilt shown will be included at the end of the event.
  • Patterns are rated 1 out of 5 by difficulty (1 being the simplest, 5 being the most complex).
  • Every pattern on fandominstitches.com is design by fans for fans. Our patterns are free for your personal and NON-profit use only. Patterns are not to be used for manufacture or distribution. Sale of these patterns, quilts, projects, photos, etc. made from these pattern is prohibited. No infringement of any kind is intended.  Please support official movies & merchandise. We wouldn't be fans without them!
  • For best results with paper pieced patterns, print with NO SCALING. In Google Drive, uncheck “fit to page.” See your printer instructions for more details if needed.
  • Need to learn to paper piece? Check out our Quilting Help page for lots of awesome tutorial links!

And now, Week 14!

To play along, you will need the following fabrics:
  • Background Yardage needed – approximately 3 - 3 1⁄2 yards
  • Black and White Fabric needed – approximately 1-1 1⁄2 yards of each
  • Border Fabric needed approximately 2 yards
  • Other Assorted colors in small amounts (typically less than a fat quarter)

Laura Shaffstall
(@somecallmelolly on IG)
tested by Jennifer Waugh
6" paper pieced

We'll see you next Wednesday with a new pattern!


  Fandom In Stitches and its designers do not hold copyright on any of the fandom titles represented on this site. Respective Designers reserve copyright on patterns only and request that out of respect for the fandoms we love, that you use them for personal and non-profit reasons only. The Designers at Fandom In Stitches receive no payment for any of the patterns posted and expressly forbid resale & manufacture.

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