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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A Year of Doom - Multi-fandom Bookcase Quilt Along WEEK ONE

Hello, friends, and WELCOME!

It's 2021 and we're celebrating the 10th anniversary 
of both Fandom in Stitches AND The Project of Doom 
with a year-long multi-fandom bookcase quilt along! 

 ✨ This quilt along is Mix & Match!  

Make the blocks you want to personalize 
your fandom quilt, supplement
with any other designs you may like, 
and skip the rest!

Things to know about this event:
  • Patterns are rated 1 out of 5 by difficulty (1 being the simplest, 5 being the most complex).
  • Multi-Fandom patterns have their own pattern archive Bookcase Quilts in the main menu. You can find that here.
  • Our Design Invitational for this event will be for ALTERNATIVE FINISHING INSTRUCTIONS. More details about that will be coming later this year!
  • JOIN OUR Facebook Group to share your progress, ask questions, and for general community support!
  • Every pattern on fandominstitches.com is design by fans for fans. Our patterns are free for your personal and NON-profit use only. Patterns are not to be used for manufacture or distribution. Sale of these patterns, quilts, projects, photos, etc. made from these pattern is prohibited. No infringement of any kind is intended.  Please support official movies & merchandise. We wouldn't be fans without them!
  • For best results with paper pieced patterns, print with NO SCALING. In Google Drive, uncheck “fit to page.” See your printer instructions for more details if needed.
  • Need to learn to paper piece? Check out our Quilting Help page for lots of awesome tutorial links!

As a reminder, the blocks you choose to make are up to you! There are almost 100 new 10" block designs coming this year (see the list of fandoms below). Make what you want, and supplement with our original Project of Doom blocks for your own super-personalized Multi-Fandom Bookcase Quilt!

with bonus alternative panel
Kirstin Viland
10" paper pieced

Qui-Gon Jinn
Darth Vader
Kylo Ren
Obi-Wan Kenobi
tested by Debra Crawford 
10" paper pieced

Daphne Seymour
10" paper pieced

Love Star Wars? We have more STAR WARS inspired patterns here!

Star Wars Logo paper pieced 10" x 24" quilt block designed for fandominstitches.com's #starwarsquiltchallenge

(click for LOTS more patterns)

We also have a growing collection of Disney themed Bookcase Blocks 

with many more to come later in our QAL!


For 10" blocks only, you'll need 1/2 of yard of background fabric PER 5 blocks. 

This is a generous estimate and will change based on how many items are in your blocks. More items = less background fabric needed. We like to err on the side of too much!

Please note that this is for background fabric for the blocks ONLY and does not include borders, shelves, or other fabric you might like to use. 

We highly recommend using a non-directional tonal for your background fabric. Stripes or other directional fabric (a print that is up and down or side to side) will make paper pieced blocks much, much trickier. 

If you aren't sure how many blocks you might want to make and don't want to buy loads of fabric to start, consider using a blender that's not likely to disappear any time soon (something like Moda Marbles or other "basics."). This only really becomes a problem when PoDs (Projects of Doom) turn into UFOs (UnFinished Objects)! When in doubt, talk to the staff at Your Local Quilt Store!

Fabric for books and objects can be scraps, remnants, fat quarters, pre-cuts, or whatever else your heart desires. You'll need small amounts in a variety of colors for each block you make. Color choices and styles are entirely up to the quilter! Hot Tip - Check with local quilt store for scrap bags & remnants! Have quilting friends? Ask if they have scraps they can share! 


Support for this group 

(photo sharing, chat, etc.)

will be hosted in our general 

Facebook Group

All skill levels are welcome!

Facebook participation is optional. All Quilt Along posts will be posted right here on fandominstitches.com. 



We recommend thinking about what size quilt you want before getting started. The following quilt layouts ALL use 10" blocks and can be combined with our Bookcase Quilt Blocks. If you're feeling wild and free, you can always get started and come back to this later!

The following quilt layouts (finishing instructions) were created by Fandom in Stitches designers and are free for your personal use. 

Each of these uses 10" blocks (10 1/2" unfinished) and can be used with your Bookcase Blocks. You're welcome to use one of our patterns or use the design of your choice to finish your bookcase.

Our Design Invitational for this event will be for ALTERNATIVE FINISHING INSTRUCTIONS. More details about that will be coming soon!

Project of Doom 2011 Layouts
A Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt
designed by Jennifer Ofenstein
Includes 2 layout options
30 - 10" (10 1/2" unfinished) blocks

Go to the Project of Doom Archive

 The Project of Doom - A Harry Potter Quilt (2015 Layout 1)The Project of Doom - A Harry Potter Quilt (2015 Layout) The Project of Doom - A Harry Potter Quilt (2015 Layout 2)

Project of Doom 2015 includes 3 Castle Themed Layouts
A Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt
quilt layout designed by Jennifer Ofenstein

Includes 2 layout options
30 - 10" (10 1/2" unfinished) blocks

Go to the Project of Doom Archive

Once Upon A Time: A Disney Princess Quilt Along

designed by Michelle Thompson

Castle Door
Castle Section 1 Castle Section 2
Castle Section 3
Castle Piecing

Uses 13 - 10" (10 1/2" finished) blocks
6 - 4" x 10" (4 1/2" x 10 1/2") optional side blocks

Go to the Disney Princess Archive

Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find them Quilt Layout 2016

Quilt Layout in Crip, Twin & Queen

designed by Vanda Chittenden

Uses 10" (10 1/2" unfinished) blocks
(amount depends on layout chosen)

Go the Harry Potter: Fantastic Beasts Pattern Archive

designed by Vanda Chittenden

 62"x 82"

Uses 10" blocks (10 1/2" unfinished)

designed by Kristi Lehane

70" x 90"

Uses 5" & 10" blocks (5 1/2" & 10 1/2" unfinished)

Star Trek Row Along

74" x 84"

Uses 6 - 10" x 58" rows  (10 1/2" x 58 1/2" unfinished)
plus 13 optional 6" blocks (6 1/2" unfinished)

We'll be sharing at least one pattern from each of the following categories:

101 Dalmatians
Alice in Wonderland
Animal Crossing
Dark Crystal
Doctor Who
Emperor's New Groove
Finding Dory 
Finding Nemo
Game of Thrones
Horror Movies (various)
The Great Mouse Detective
The Hobbit
Jungle Book
Lion King
The Little Mermaid
The Lord of the Rings
Mario Kart
Nancy Drew
Pete's Dragon
Peter Pan 
Pirates of the Caribbean
Power Rangers
Robin Hood
Scooby Doo
Sherlock Holmes
Sleeping Beauty
Star Wars
Super Heroes
Super Mario Bros
Super Smash Bros
Toy Story
BONUS - New Harry Potter blocks
BONUS - Bookcase style bonus blocks

This, like all of our events and patterns on this website, is fan-created and all patterns will be absolutely free for personal & non-profit use.

Looking for something completely different?
Check out our Pattern Archive Pages
at the top of every Fandom in Stitches page!


  Fandom In Stitches and it's designers do not hold copyright on any of the fandom titles represented on this site. Respective Designers reserve copyright on patterns only and request that out of respect for the fandoms we love, that you use them for personal and non-profit reasons only. The Designers at Fandom In Stitches receive no payment for any of the patterns posted and expressly forbid resale & manufacture.

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