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Monday, May 4, 2020

Happy May the Fourth - Star Wars Inspired Alphabet!

After MANY long years of requests, suggestions, hints, and occasional begging, we are delighted to share with you our Star Wars-Inspired Alphabet, complete with letters & numbers to paper piece!

About this pattern set:
  • The set is made of individual block 6” blocks (6 1/2” with seam allowance). The letter “W” is two blocks wide to create the appropriate scale for that letter.
  • This alphabet is intended to be used to create the words of your choice. You may need to trim the fabric on the left &/or right side of a letter or possibly add a little background for proper spacing for your personal project.
  • Numbers 1 – 9 are included. The pattern for the letter O can also be used for zero.

For loads more awesome fan-created Star Wars-inspired patterns, check out our Star Wars pattern archive!

The above information is also included in the pattern document.

As a reminder, all Fandom in Stitches quilt patterns are fan-created and are absolutely free for personal & non-profit use. We ask that you kindly keep this in mind when using all of our patterns. Thank you for your understanding and your support! ♥

6" paper pieced

A HUGE amount of thanks goes out to the following pattern testers:

Alison Miller Benton
Hannah Dunbar
Michelle Favara
Karen Grage
Joanne Harris
Julie Hackney
Heidi Hansen
Melissa Jane
Nicole Lee
Amber Lowery
Stephanie Marissa
Sue Pratt
Jennifer Rowles
Luanne Edelen Sbarbaro
Daphne Seymour
Jeanette Silvey
Jaime Stephens
Holly Urbain
Lisa Whitworth


Please note that the J was altered slightly after testing to make the serif wider.



Star Wars Logo paper pieced 10" x 24" quilt block designed for fandominstitches.com's #starwarsquiltchallenge
If you're looking for JUST the Star Wars logo, we recommend using this awesome version by Melissa Bejot. It's 10" x 24" Paper Pieced and she's already done all the work of making sure the letters are just what you'd want them to be!

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