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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along 2 Week 16


To week 16 of the Fantastic Beasts 2 Quilt Along.

Today is the last block to finish off our layouts. 
Next week's post will contain the instructions on how to put the layout together.

WEEK 16!
Block 31 - Layout 1

Exposure Threat Levels with Embroidery.
Designed by Vanda Chittenden

Block tested by Jennifer Rowles
Paper Pieced & Embroidery
10" x 10" & 5" x 5" excluding seam allowance
Difficulty level 4

The embroidery has only been designed for the 10 inch block.

Inside the Magical office building of Macusa, they have this wonderful clock, that shows any threat to the wizarding world. Including the number of exposures, obliviations and witch hunts.

 NB! You do not need to make this block for layout 2.

Block 32 - Layout 2

Designed by Vanda Chittenden
Tested by Amber Lowery
Paper Pieced
10" x 10" excluding seam allowance each
Difficulty level 3

We will be adding some of my Fantastic Beasts from last year, to complete this quilt.
Reminder that the final layout instructions for layout 2 will be released end of December.

Signature block.

If you have been sewing along on any of the Quilt Along events, you will have seen that some of the designers releasing a signature block during the event.

What is a signature block?
It is a block, that you can sew and embroider with your details on it. You can use this as your quilt label and you can send this block to the designer, who collects all of these blocks from all over the world to make into a memory quilt for themselves.

Do I have to make one?
Absolutely not. This is a special request, and is not compulsory at all. We would love to get one though, it makes such a nice memory to add into a quilt.

What do I do?
Download the pattern. Sew it up. And embroider / stencil your name, where you are from and the #FBQAL2 somewhere on the block and send it off to the address that is printed on the pattern. Easy peazy.


10 x 10 inches excluding the seam allowance
 Layout 2 instructions will be posted at the end of the qal.

 All patterns will also be added to the Fantastic Beasts archive here on Fandom In Stitches.

Before we get started there are some important things you need to know.

About the Fantastic Beasts 2 Quilt Along: 
  • All the blocks presented during the Quilt Along, is inspired by the Movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 
  • Do you have a question? Please contact me via email above or contact me in the Facebook group below. 
  • Join the QAL at anytime and work at your own pace. There is no penalty for starting late.
  • All Fantastic Beasts patterns are 100% free and they will stay that way. These patterns are free for your personal and NON-profit use only. Not to be used for manufacture or distribution. Sale of this pattern or quilts made from this pattern is prohibited. 
  •  The Fantastic Beasts Quilt Along 2 will be presenting 2 quilt blocks a week on each Wednesday for 16 weeks.  Week 17 will be for the layout and the design invitational.
  • The blocks will range from easy to hard. All the patterns is paper pieced, with some embroidery on 3 blocks. 
  • There are 2 different layout instructions (more information on that below) will be released on week 17. Fabric amounts are available below.
  • For best results print with NO SCALING. In Google Drive (where this file is hosted) uncheck “fit to page.” See your printer instructions for more details if needed.
  Fabric Requirements

  • You have 2 different layouts to choose from or even better, make both.
  • Below is the fabric requirements for both layouts.
  • During the quilt along, with each block we will mention which block is for each layout.
  • Layout 1 has both 10" and 5" options. Some of the blocks will be difficult to make in the 5" size.
  • Some of layout 1 blocks is included in layout 2. We will make a note of this with those specific blocks.

Layout 1

 Layout 1 designed by Vanda Chittenden
 62"x 82" (for full sized layout using 10" paper pieced blocks)
Layout 1 Tested by Jennifer Rowles
Fabric Amounts
Measures 62"x 82" (for full sized layout using 10" blocks)
  • Background fabric - sky blue 1 ⅛ yards
  • Suitcase lining background - any color 2 yards
  • Suitcase front - light brown “leather” 1 yard
  • Suitcase outline - dark brown ½ yard
  • Assorted scraps for the blocks.
 Layout 2

 Layout 2 Designed by Kristi Lehane
 Measures 70" x 90" using assorted sized paper pieced blocks

Layout 2 tested by Kristi Lehane

Fabric Requirements 

Measures 70" x 90"
  • Background fabric ( 3 yards)
  • Assorted scraps for the blocks.

(All of the information above, will be included at the bottom of each weeks post for future reference.)

Vanda Chittenden

  Fandom In Stitches and it's designers do not hold copyright on any of the fandom titles represented on this site. Respective Designers reserve copyright on patterns only and request that out of respect for the fandoms we love, that you use them for personal and non-profit reasons only. The Designers at Fandom In Stitches receive no payment for any of the patterns posted and expressly forbid resale & manufacture.

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