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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

UFOQAL2017 - Choose Your UFO Your Choice Quilt Along

Pull out those UFOs and join us for the Choose Your UFO Quilt Along! (#UFOQAL2017).

Oh my goodness, it's July! We're back to encourage you to keep working on those UFO projects and get them done!

Today we're talking about Design Walls!

A Design Wall is a vertical space to hang your quilt project so you can step away from it for a better idea of how the colors are working, whether you need to rearrange your blocks, make a change, etc.

Here are some fun ways to create a Design Wall that will work for your budget & your own space:

This is my design wall. It's also my "set" for #talktometuesday. I was looking for an older video on my #YouTube channel (ofenjen), and was stuck by how I could see my various projects taking shape (or in this case, deconstructing!), over the last 8 years

Do you have space, but don't have the budget for a fancy Design Wall? You can use yardage of flannel, batting or, as I do here, a couple of flannel backed table cloths I picked up on clearance sale at Target. The fabric will stick right to the flannel or batting, with little or no need to pin at all.

You can see my Design Wall (above, with a variety of projects shown) as my backdrop almost every week on Talk to Me Tuesday!

This clever design wall belongs to FiS Designer Vanda Chittenden.

Here's what she has to say about it: 

The base of the design wall is pressed wood or particle board. Any type of wood or board would work. I covered the board with an old blanket, pulling the blanket tight, the edges are pulled to the back and stapled in place. The blanket creates a squishy filling that the pins will go into. Then covered the blanket with an old sheet. You can use any colour here,  but I would suggest plain and light. Smoothing the sheet flat and pulling the edges to the back I stapled that in place as well. The top edge of the board had clips. This makes it easier to clip a second sheet in place to pin a second project without removing the first one. Eazy peazy. The board can easily be moved to a different location.

How about this amazingly clever design wall that can be rolled out of the way when needed?
By @quiltsalad on Instagram

Want something ready made but relatively inexpensive? How about the Fons & Porter 60-Inch-by-72-Inch Design Wall? I've used one of these on a retreat and it works great. It's made more or less like a flannel backed shower curtain. It has grommets that can be used to hang it on the wall (Command Hooks work great!), on a curtain rod, or on your shower!

Have a different Design Wall idea? 
We'd love to hear about it. 
Better yet, we'd love to see it! 

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Let's get finished!




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  1. Hubby bought me some insulation board. I covered it in thrift store flannel (pinned & stapled to the back). I can move them to different rooms, or, put one in front of the other, if I need more space. My sewing room is covered with bookshelves (to store my fabrics), so, I don't have any empty wall space. Glad I can comment again, thanks.