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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

UFOQAL2017 - Choose Your UFO Your Choice Quilt Along

Pull out those UFOs and join us for the Choose Your UFO Quilt Along! (#UFOQAL2017).

So, you're sewing away on your UFO project and suddenly realize your shoulders hurt.

And your back hurts.

And your leg has fallen asleep.

What gives?
  • Did you know you can find Ergonomics information for professional sewing workers on the OSHA website?
  • Did you know that when you sew, your chair should be high enough so that you can sit up straight with your elbows at a 90° angle to the bed of your sewing machine?
  • Did you know that your feet should rest flat on the floor?
  • Did you know it's easier to manipulate fabric (therefore easier on your aching quilter's bod) if you have a drop-in sewing table or extension table so that the work surface around your sewing machine is the same height as the bed of your sewing machine?
No drop-in sewing table or extension table?

You can buy one from a your local retailer or from a website like Sewing Machines Plus. (This is not an endorsement, just a suggestion, always use your best judgement when shopping for sewing goodies.)

Or, your can make your own! 

There are lots of great ideas and tutorials out there. Here are some simple ways to create an extension table. These are great for working with longer and larger pieces, but also for free motion quilting!

A friend's awesome custom table for her Singer 301A
This one belongs to a friend of mine. 
It's made out of leftover pegboard and a sliced up dowel rod.

Ext Table for 301A
Jewells found an extension table for a Simplicity Rotary Cutter & Embosser
on clearance and discovered that it will fit her Singer 301A!

Want something bigger?
Are you a handy with non-sewing tools?
Try making your own drop-in table! 
There are lots of great tutorials out there!

We like this one that uses an IKEA or other simple wood table.

Here's another tutorial using a flea market table!

How have you made your sewing space easier to use? 
We'd love to hear your tricks for sewing more comfortably!

flickr prize

Share photos of your #UFOQAL2017 with our flickr group for a chance to win one of our fabulous monthly prizes! You receive one entry for each project. Only photos posted to flickr are eligible to win.


Let's get finished!


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