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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday Photos

We've got a lot of new quilting community members and we welcome you! If you're sharing your photos with our Flickr Group for a chance to win our monthly prize (see the October prize below!), please make sure you photo settings are "public." Photos marked "private" can't be posted outside of the Flickr Group. Only photos posted to fandominstitches.com on Tuesdays are eligible for our monthly drawings.

Here are some simple instructions to help you along.

Step one, Join the Fandom in Stitches Flickr Group. This is where the many of our quilting community's photos can be found. As of today, there are over 7,500!

Share Settings for FiS flickr group

To upload a photo directly to Flickr and to the Fandom in Stitches Flickr Group at the same time, log in to your Flickr Account and then use the Flickr Upload tool on the website. On this page, you can add a title, description, tags, albums, groups and make sure your share settings are "public." We encourage adding a title and tags to make your photos more searchable. Many of our community members use these pictures for inspiration and ideas for their own Fandom in Stitches projects!

Adding to a group for Fandom in Stitches

If you upload your photos using Instagram or the Flickr app, you can also then add photos to Fandom in Stitches Flickr Group by going to the page where the photo is located. Under your photo on the right hand side will be photo information. Click add to group and choose Fandom in Stitches.

Share Settings for FiS flickr group
For photos that have already been uploaded and are already in the Fandom in Stitches Flickr Group, please make sure your Viewing Privacy is set to "public." Photos marked "private" are block from being shared outside the Flickr group. If your photos haven't been posted in the past because they were marked private, simple remove them from the Fandom in Stitches Flickr Group, change your privacy settings, and add them again so they will be at the top of the page. These will be posted on the following Tuesday to fandominstitches.com.

Questions? Just ask and we'll do our best to help!

Stop by the next batch of awesome patterns tomorrow!


flickr prize

fandominstitches.com October 2016 Flickr Participation Prize
October Prize - Officially Licensed Harry Potter Collection (plus stars!)

Each month, Fandom In Stitches gives away a Flickr prize for general participation.

How do you win one of our fabulous prizes? It's easy! Share photos of your blocks and other projects you have made using Fandom In Stitches patterns with our Flickr group! You receive one entry for each project! Only photos posted to Flickr are eligible to win.

Why share via Flickr? It's the best way for me to post your photos right here on fandominstitiches.comEvery Tuesday, we have a virtual show & tell called Tuesday Photos so everyone following along can see an entire week's picture in one place every Tuesday. 

Would you like to be a sponsor in 2016? Sponsors give away a single monthly prize and we link to your website or store the entire month of your sponsorship. Prizes need to be fandom-themed, fabric, or something that a FiS community member would enjoy. 

Please note that only projects from patterns currently available on fandominstitches.com will be shared here.  
Altered patterns are not eligible for drawings.

(Pattern testers, please wait until your designer's patterns have been posted before sharing with the flickr group in order to be entered in the monthly drawing.)

Paper pieced SPIDERMAN. Pattern on fandominstitches. Pieced by Hannah Hughes. Paper pieced BATMAN. Pattern on fandominstitches. Pieced by Hannah Hughes
by hannahmc21

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
by Melissa Bejot

#FBQAL #FBQAL #Crup #FBQAL #FBQAL #FBQAL #FBQAL 2016-10-24_07-54-38 2016-10-24_07-54-21 2016-10-24_07-52-58 2016-10-24_07-48-41 2016-10-24_07-48-01 2016-10-24_07-44-43 2016-10-24_07-57-16 2016-10-24_07-52-34 2016-10-24_07-52-05 2016-10-24_07-51-47 2016-10-24_07-49-06 2016-10-24_07-53-43 2016-10-24_07-53-22 2016-10-24_07-51-32 2016-10-24_07-47-00 2016-10-24_07-44-05 2016-10-24_07-56-21 2016-10-24_07-56-01 2016-10-24_07-45-13 2016-10-24_08-06-33 2016-10-24_08-03-51 2016-10-24_07-55-43 2016-10-24_07-55-29 2016-10-24_08-07-59 2016-10-24_07-57-39 2016-10-24_07-48-22
by Jackie Searle

by khur65401

by Sarah Powell

Snidget quintaped
by Heather Wallace

Fantastic Beast Quilt A Long Week 3 - Abraxan #fbqal #fandominstiches Fantastic Beast Quilt A Long Week 3 - Rearing Unicorn #fandominstiches #fbqal Fantastic Beast Quilt A Long Week 3 - Billywig #fbqal #fandominstiches Fantastic Beast Quilt A Long Week 3 - Chizpurfle #fbqal #fandominstiches Fantastic Beast Quilt A Long Week 3 - Diricawl #fbqal #fandominstiches
by Jennifer R. (Playful Piecing)

Finished GoT quilt front
by Kylie Pecarina

by Jessica Clippinger

04-block y 02-block o 03-block e 09-block sorting hat 07-block n 05-block L 06-block y 08-block n 15-block books and crystal ball 13-block pigwidgeon 14-block books and golden snitch 12-block harrys wand 11-block hedwig 16-block scarv2 19-block train car 18-block deluminator 20-block Hogwarts express 17-block deathly hallows symbol 21.5-block floating candles 25-block hogwarts robes 25-block hogwarts robes 24-block 9 and 3 4ths 26-block nimbus 2000 23-block hogwarts crest 29-block patronus_prongs 28-block quidditch hoops
by Anita McDowell

Horklump #fbqal #fandominstitches
by April Mazzoleni

IMG_5181 IMG_5180
by melinda456

by Stacy Jensen

Dr. Seuss Quilt
by mvholland

Can't see your photos? Check your share settings on flickr! 
Flickr blocks photos marked private or with sharing turned off. 
Designers & pattern testers, your blocks will be featured in "new on Fandom In Stitches."


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Share photos of your blocks and other projects you have made using Fandom In Stitches patterns with our flickr group for a chance to win one of our fabulous monthly prizes! You receive one entry for each project. Only photos posted to flickr are eligible to win.


  Fandom In Stitches and it's designers do not hold copyright on any of the fandom titles represented on this site. Respective Designers reserve copyright on patterns only and request that out of respect for the fandoms we love, that you use them for personal and non-profit reasons only. The Designers at Fandom In Stitches receive no payment for any of the patterns posted and expressly forbid resale.

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