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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

#SMQAL (Smart Phone Quilt Along) - Week 14 & Design Invitational!

smartphone quilt along

Welcome to the Week 14 of the Smartphone Quilt Along (#SMQAL)!  There are just six weeks of patterns left in our event.

This is the second week of our final full month for this awesome event! We hope you're participating in our online community and sharing your photos with flickr for a chance to win awesome prizes (details below)!

Before we get to our patterns, we have a special announcement to make!

Smart Phone Quilt Along
Design Invitational 
Participation Rules

Please read ALL RULES carefully before submitting patterns.

Fandom In Stitches Mugs
Submitted designs will be included in special drawing to win a Fandom In Stitches Coffee Mug!

  • Design an original pattern to supplement the Smartphone Quilt Along (#SMQAL)
  • Patterns must be completely original and created by the submitting designer. Designs may not use any part of a another designer's pattern, including, but not limited to, those designs shared on fandominstitches.com. Please check our Games & Tech Page BEFORE designing your pattern.
  • Design Invitational patterns are intended to be supplements to the existing Smartphone Quilt Along (#SMQAL) patterns designed by Jennifer Rowles. Alterations of the original pattern designs will not be included on fandominstitches.com.
  • Patterns can be creating using any quilting technique and should be 10" finished (10 1/2" unfinished).
  • Make your pattern and take a photo. Only tested patterns with photos of the design in fabric will be included on fandominstitches.com.
  • PDF patterns can be hand drawn or created using graphic design software as long as they are clear and easy to follow. For helpful information, including software suggestions, see Be A Designer.
  • Patterns should include the following text, "Designed for the Smartphone Quilt Along (#SMQAL) Design Invitational on fandominstitches.com. The Smartphone Quilt Along (#SMQALwas created by Jennifer Rowles of Playful Piecing," as well as any personal information you'd like to include (email, blog address, etc.)
  • Tag your flickr photo "SMQAL DESIGN" so we know to include it. Use the quotes as shown so that both words will be included in the same tag. We are not responsible for missing improperly tagged photos.
  • EDITED TO ADD: Designers may use pattern testers, but only patterns tested by the designer will be eligible for the drawing.
  • On Wednesday, December 16, 2015, all SMQAL Design Invitational patterns will be posted right here on Fandom In Stitches to share with our quilting community!
  • ONLY patterns following these rules will be considered for posting on FiS
  • Questions? Leave them in comments!

And Now...
Week FOURTEEN of the #SMQAL!

If you have a problem accessing any file, try, click the link and then download the pattern (the down arrow on Google) to print from your PDF reader OR download  from Jennifer Rowle's Craftsy.

 photo trivia-crack-_zpsfwnov0ul.jpg
tested by Jennifer Rowles & Vanda Chittenden

 photo Words with friends_zpspubj8k6j.jpg
tested by Jennifer Rowles & Brandy Mahnken

 photo app store_zpswh1jteti.jpg
tested by Jennifer Rowles & Heidi Newell

About the #SMQAL
  • The #SMQAL was designed entirely by Jennifer Rowles of Playful Piecing, is being presented on fandominstitches.com and hosted by Jennifer Ofenstein.
  • You will be presented with 3 patterns per week between through December 9, 2015. Use only the ones you want to create your own unique Smart Phone Quilt or other fun project.
  • The original layout includes 28 app blocks. Layout variations may require more or less.
  • There will be a Design Invitational, but there are LOTS of designs coming, so please hold off on designing new patterns until the announcement.
  • Look for special prizes here on fandominstitches.com from Jennifer Rowles just for #SMQAL participants! Share photos of your blocks with our flickr group for a chance to win. Only #SMQAL photos posted to flickr are eligible.
  • Don't quilt alone, join for friends, fun, help & much more us as we quilt along with the #SMQAL Facebook Group!
  • Get a Printable About Page
For more information about the #SMQAL, including fabric amounts, pattern sizes, etc., please keep scrolling!

Fabric Amounts and Other Useful Information
  • All blocks are 10" (10 1/2" unfinished)
  • The corner pieces on blocks represent background fabric. If you haven't chosen your background fabric yet, the corners can be completed at the end of the project before assembling your quilt top.
  • The original layout requires 4 1/2 to 5 yards of background fabric and 2 1/4 yards of border fabric. Amounts will vary due to paper piecing style, optional embroidery (available via #SMQAL Facebook Group) and choice of layout.
  • The original #SMQAL layout is a VERY NON-traditional quilt size of 68.5" By 132". It was designed to most accurately represent the iPhone.
  • Some blocks have very small sections in which the number is placed just outside the piece to make it readable.
  • This is Jennifer Rowles', first major event project. Please share any issues and please be kind. She has worked very hard to make this project the best it can be.
  • These patterns have all been thoroughly tested by pattern testers, however, any pattern corrections can be sent to playfulpiecing@gmail.com.
  • Like all our patterns, #SMQAL patterns are presented free for your personal, non-profit use only. Not for publication, manufacture or distribution.

Notes About Embroidery

  • This quilt CAN be completed without embroidery!
  • Blocks with embroidery come with a text template if you choose to embroider by hand.
  • Additional templates will be available for quilt details unrelated to specific blocks.
  • Embroidery files will posted #SMQAL Facebook Group. THESE ARE USE AT YOUR OWN RISK FILES! The files will are formatted as .PES for a jumbo 6.25X10.25 (160 X 260mm) hoop. Technical support or additional files formats will NOT be provided. Please remember this is a free project and one designer can only be expected to do so much.
  • Some blocks can be pieced or embroidered. Variations will be posted on Jennifer Rowle's Craftsy the same day as the fandominstitches.com post.

#SMQAL Smart Phone Quilt Along November 2015 Prize

Share photos of your blocks with our flickr group for a chance to win. 
Only photos posted to flickr are eligible.

Winner announced December 1, 2015

  • Craftsy
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