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Monday, July 6, 2015

Game of Thrones

Unsullied Helmet

The Unsullied are warrior - eunuchs from Astapor.   They use Spears, Shields and Short Swords as well as how to fight in Phalanx formations.  They are renowned for their unwavering discipline on the battlefield. They are trained from infants and castrated at this time.  

The training regime is brutal and only one in four boys survive until the completion of training.  They are trained to be resistant to pain but show anger.

Melisandre's Necklace

Melisandre or the Red Woman is a priestess of the Lord of Light - R'hllor.  R'hllor is a deity worshipped widely in Essos, the free Cities as far east as Asshai.   Followers of R'hllor believe the Lord of Light is the one true God and all Gods from other religions are demons and false idols and must be cast down and burned.

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