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Monday, June 15, 2015

Games of Thrones

STOP PRESS - still in shock over yesterdays finale of Game of Thrones.  The wait til next season will be unbearable now.

Today we continue with our House Sigils.

Frey Sigil
House Frey was a vassal of House Tully but currently controls the Riverlands after the Tully's were stripped of their lands.  Their castle is called the Twins as it is actually 2 keeps - one on each side of the Green Fork of the Trident River linked by a stone bridge.  The tolls on the bridge are a constant source of income for the Freys.  House Frey itself is only about 600 years old.  Its founder began construction of the river crossing with the work being ultimately finished by his grand son. His grandson also built 2 wooden keeps one on each side of the river. Later generations built the stone versions as well as stone tower in the middle of the bridge called the water tower.The current Lord is Walder Frey who has sired many descendents during his long reign.

Greyjoy Sigil
House Greyjoy is one of the Great Houses of Westeros.  They control the Iron Islands off the west coast of Westeros.  Their castle is on the Island of Pyke.  The Islands are harsh and bleak and the Greyjoys survive by raiding their neighbours.  They are descended from the Grey King who is said to have ruled the Iron Islands for a thousand years with a mermaid for a wife.  The Greyjoys worship the Drowned God.  Euron Greyoy is the current lord.  He is the elder brother of Theon's father Balon.

Arryn Sigil

House Arryn claims descent from the oldest line of Andal nobility.  When King Robar II Royce began to unite the first men, the Andals of the Vale united behind Ser Artys Arryn.  When Robar was slain the First Men that remained bent the knew under Ser Arryn and he became King of Mountain and Vale.  The Arryns lived first at the Gates of the Moon.  The Eyrie was built over many generations.  It is used as the summer palace and the Gayes of the Moon become their seat during Winter.  During the War of Conquest the Arryn fleet battled the Targaryens fleet and destroyed it.  Visenya and her dragon  burned the Arryn fleet in response.  The Arryns surrended when Visenya flew her dragon up to the Eyrie and convinced the boy king Ronnel to join her. After that the Arryns remained Defenders of the Vale and were named Wardens of the East.

til next week


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