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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Photos

The Project of Doom 2015 Quilt Along on Fandom In Stitches photo PoD2015ComingSoon_zpsf2dd6a6c.jpg

Join us TOMORROW for Week 16 and the beginning of a new shelf in our Project of Doom Quilt Along

Keep reading to see our April prizes!

flickr prize

April 2015 Flickr Participation prize
The April prize is for one necklace in the Hogwarts House colors of the winner's choosing. Matching bracelet included! Courtesy o Jaylene.

Each month, Fandom In Stitches gives away a flickr prize for general participation. How do you win one of our fabulous prizes? It's easy! Share photos of your blocks and other projects you have made using Fandom In Stitches patterns with our flickr group! You receive one entry for each project! Only photos posted to flickr are eligible to win.

Would you like to be a sponsor in 2015? Sponsors give away a single monthly prize and we link to your website or store the entire month of your sponsorship. Prizes need to be fandom-themed, fabric, or something that a FiS community member would enjoy. Email Jennifer to sponsor a month in 2015!

April 2015 PoD Particiation Prize

Welcome to our special Harry Potter-themed prize donated by me for sharing your 2015 PoD photos with our Fandom In Stitches Flickr group

The April winner will receive two pieces piece of licensed Harry Potter themed fabric, a collectible Goblet of Fire Sticker Book,  a Fandom in Stitches button and enough Jelly Bean fabric for his or her Project of Doom quilt!

Since this prize is coming out of my own stash, only photos of blocks made from my original patterns (unaltered/unedited) PoD are eligible to win.

Why share via flickr? It's the best way for me to post your photos right here on fandominstitiches.comEvery Tuesday, we have a virtual show & tell called Tuesday Photos so everyone following along can see an entire week's picture in one place every Tuesday. 

Winners to be announced Tuesday, May 5, 2015!

Please note that only projects from patterns posted on fandominstitches.com will be shared here. 
Pattern testers, please wait until your designer's patterns have been posted before sharing with the flickr group in order to be entered in the monthly drawing. Thanks!

Untitled Pig with Letter Smaug Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
by Jessica Hart

Week 15 Week 14
by Rachel Hanson

Pod 2015
by Nancy Roraback

Rated "not for the faint of heart" for sure :)
by kitkat61277

Slytherin PoD Block 14
by Sarah Shea Burkett

Basilisk fang block, Pod quilt a long Eagle owl, Pod quilt a long. Erroll, Pod quilt a long Hedwig Pod Quilt a long Pod Pidgewidgeon
by Vanda Chittenden

My second row is finished!  Block 10 called for some Batik Spell Books.  Looks like Ron had some mishaps in the Gryffindor Common Room.  #playingcatchupisfun #projectofdoom #projectofdoom2015 #pod2015 @sewhookedjen #fandominstitches #harrypotter #potterhe Hedwig is finished!  She was so much fun to make!  #projectofdoom #projectofdoom2015 #hedwig #hogwarts #harrypotter #pod2015 #potterhead #quilting #paperpieced #paperpiecedquilt #bookshelfquilt @sewhookedjen #Always #snapesnapeseverussnape #turntopage394 Would anyone like a Butterbeer?! 🍺 Block 12 is done!  #projectofdoom #projectofdoom2015 #butterbeer #pod2015 #harrypotter #bookshelfquilt #snapesnapeseverussnape #mypatronusisshowing #quiltalong #quilting #potterhead #paperpieced #paperpiecedquilt @s I adore this block! #goldensnitch #ProjectofDoom #pod2015 #projectofdoom2015 @sewhookedjen #fandominstitches #potterhead #HarryPotter #quiltlove #quiltblock #hogwarts #QuidditchWorldCup #quidditch #imakeeper #bookstagram #bookcasequilt #snapesnapeseveruss Block 8! Love all of these fabrics!  The tent fabric worked perfectly for the #QuidditchWorldCup #ProjectofDoom #projectofdoom2015 #pod2015 #HarryPotter #quiltblock #owls #tulapink #quiltalong #sewinglove #potterhead #bookstagram #bookcasequilt #hogwarts #ProjectofDoom block 6! The blue roses are from my great grandmother's stash that we used when we made pillows and doll dresses together.  This fabric was perfect for #12GrimmaldPlace #theghastlies #Potions #PoD2015 #ProjectofDoom2015 #SiriusBlack #HarryP Project of Doom Week 7
by Lyndsey Aaron

PoD blocks 14 & 15 PoD blocks 6 & 7 PoD blocks 11 & 12 PoD blocks 8-10 PoD block 13
by craftytokyomama

Pod block for Tammy.  Had to add a stripe on green book as I didn't have enough of the light green fabric.  Rainbow book is per pattern but it's hard to see the purple stripe as it matches so well.  This is going in the mail tomorrow!
by amy robles

by Victoria Smith

Block 15
by linda_greenlawfirm

Saving people, hunting things...the family business.
by Elizabeth Phillippi

Holy cow those letters were tricky!!!  Phew! I really like the flask in this one. So happy with this block!
by Kathy

P1010524 P1010525
by Stacy Jensen

Block11 Block12 Block14
by Tessa Williams

POD 2015 Block 15
by Kristi Crapo

Block 14
by Verena San

150414podblock13b 150413podblock14
by Michelle Tuller

by Ruth Whitehouse

Block 14, quilt 2 Block 14, quilt 1
by gidg94

by knit_it

If your Flickr Photos have not been showing up on Fandom In Stitches for Tuesday Photos, go to your Flickr account settings and look for privacy and permissions. It most likely has been reset to "no." Change this to "yes" and your photos will be sharable here on Tuesday Photos. Thanks to everyone for bearing with us after the recent Flickr changes. 

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The Project of Doom 2015 Quilt Along on Fandom In Stitches photo PoD2015ComingSoon_zpsf2dd6a6c.jpg

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