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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday Photos...with WINNERS!

Did you win? Make sure to claim your prize! Details below.

The Project of Doom 2015 Quilt Along on Fandom In Stitches photo PoD2015ComingSoon_zpsf2dd6a6c.jpg

Join us TOMORROW for WEEK 9 in our Project of Doom Quilt Along


Looking for a fun Super Hero Adventure? Visit us on Sundays through May for Brad's fun superhero applique patterns!

 Captain Hammer photo Captain Hammer_zpsmv1drsia.png Thor photo Thor_zpsaziyoemy.png  Wonder Woman photo Wonder Woman_zpsknitse0o.png  Untitled  Untitled Untitled     
 Project of Doom 2015 - Week 8 Pattern Update

flickr prize
February 2015 fandominstitches.com Flickr Participation Prize
We have a very special and BIG prize for February: A Hogwarts House hoodie in the House of your choice, custom embroidered by Lori & Misty of Satin Stitches of Danville, PA, also known as Smart Sassy Stitches on Etsy!

The February Winner Is Victoria Smith
(please check your flickr messages to claim your prize!)

Each month, Fandom In Stitches gives away a flickr prize for general participation. How do you win one of our fabulous prizes? It's easy! Share photos of your blocks and other projects you have made using Fandom In Stitches patterns with our flickr group! You receive one entry for each project! Only photos posted to flickr are eligible to win.

Would you like to be a sponsor in 2015? Sponsors give away a single monthly prize and we link to your website or store the entire month of your sponsorship. Prizes need to be fandom-themed, fabric, or something that a FiS community member would enjoy. Email Jennifer to sponsor a month in 2015!
February 2015 PoD Participation Prize

During The Project of Doom Quilt Along, we will also have special prizes just for our QAL participants! 

The February PoD Winner Is Kathy
(please check your flickr messages to claim your prize!)

Share your 2015 PoD photos with our Fandom In Stitches Flickr group in February for a chance to win the officially licensed Harry Potter fabric seen here, a fun pack of licensed stickers and enough Jelly Bean fabric for your Project of Doom quilt!

If your Flickr Photos are not in today's Tuesday Photos, go to your Flickr account settings and look at your privacy and permission settings. It most likely has been reset to "no sharing" or "private." Change this to "yes" or "public" and your photos will be sharable here on Tuesday Photos.  Need more help? One of our designers has shared a short tutorial with our Facebook group!

Please note that only projects from patterns posted on fandominstitches.com will be shared here. 
Pattern testers, please wait until your designer's patterns have been posted before sharing with the flickr group in order to be entered in the monthly drawing. Thanks!
POD with row 2 Row one lap quilt
by CC Maxwell

P1010511 P1010510 P1010563 P1010562
by Stacy Jensen

Virus fabric and the kitty skull books are my faves! Love all the fabric in this one.
by Kathy

Quilt two, block 4 More project of doom Quilt two, block 3 Untitled More project of doom More project of doom More project of doom Untitled Project if Doom
by kimcasa_2000

Week 8
by Rachel Hanson

16517_10206355558272890_3762951647899177890_n 11025763_10206347937802383_3639090496559175295_n
by Annie Purcell

by Rachel Gayley

Project of Doom Block 8
by knit_it

Phebe PoD 2015 BoW 8 Phebe PoD 2015 BoW 7
by Julia Murtha

Ariel pillow Rapunzel pillow Princess Pillows
by Kim Drumeler

by Victoria Smith

Harry Potter POD block 8
Pam @ Hip to be a Square

LOTR eye of Suron Harry Potter POD week 8
by heidi_d_h_20

I've spent my day working on the #pod2015 for my sister. Two more to go and I'll be all caught up on her quilt. #makingtwoatatime #fandominstitches #harrypotter #qal
by Jennifer Ofenstein

Harry Potter bookcase quilt
by Terry

Block Seven Variation Block Seven Hour Glass Block Four Block Two Block Six with Potion Vial Block Six w/John photo Block One Block Five Block Three Potion Bottle Block Six w/Wedding photo
by Rebecca Hinshaw

invisibility2 invisibility1
by Andra Gayle

by Mishi Kichi

Cookie finished Bert
by katiedodat

wk8 wk7
by Clean My Blender

by Rlarjsf

Slytherin PoD Block 8
by Sarah Shea Burkett

11028149_10205195235633042_540573293_o #8 11028544_10205189629092882_308252950_o
by Kristina Colon

Anna. Frozen. Paper Piecing. Fandom in stitches. Elsa, Paper Piecing, Fandom in Stitches
by hannahmc21

2015 PoD Block 8 2011 version PoD Block 8 2015 PoD Block 7 2011 version PoD Block 7
by holly drum

by Katie McCall

by Abbie D

Dory (by Lilja) Sheep (by Jessica) Scraps Block Fabric box for scraps POD-2015-7
by TweLoQ

Block 3 - little problem on the LHS but hopefully I'll catch it in the seam allowance. Block 2! My first Project of Doom block!
by Leanne Peel

Pod 2015 block 8!
by Nancy Roraback

podm4 poda2 podm3 podm2
by Kristal

Block One. Jan Andrews.
by Jan Andrews

2nd quilt block 5 2nd quilt block 7 2nd quilt block 6 2nd quilt block 4 1st quilt block 6 1st quilt block 5 1st quilt Block 4
by Diane K

Week 8 Week 8
by gidg94

pod 8 001 POD7 001
by Terri Johnson

My Little Pony POD week 6 POD week 5
by Athena Porter

image image image image
by Ruth Whitehouse

Project of Doom, block 5 PoD Block 4-1 PoD Block 4-2
by daisy_from_TX

Project of doom Untitled Project of doom Project of doom
by Cynsuet

POD Week 8
by Sarah Jane Sews

by Laurava23233

Week 7 Week 6 Week 6 Week 6 Week 5 Week 5 Week 5 PoD week 4 PoD week 4 PoD week 4 Week 8 Week 8 Week 8 Week 7 Week 7
by Amber L

Project of Doom Week 3 Block Project of Doom Week 6 Block
by Carri_Page

150225podblock7b 150225podblock7a
by Michelle Tuller

Block 8
by linda_greenlawfirm

2015 POD Block 4 Quilt 2 POD 2015 Block 3 - Quilt 2 2015 POD Block 4 Quilt 1 2015 POD Block 3 - Quilt 1
by Dorothy J Paul

POD 2015 Block 2
by Lindsey Aaron

Project of Doom! POD week 5, I took some liberty with the books and added a few #POD #projectofdoom #projectofdoom2015 Mimbulus Mimbletonia is done! #POD #projectofdoom #projectofdoom2015 Week 4 for my daughter's quilt! #POD #projectofdoom #projectofdoom2015 #harrypotter Week 4 block #projectofdoom2015 #projectofdoom #POD #harrypotter For my daughter's quilt #POD #projectofdoom #projectofdoom2015 Week 7 is done! #projectofdoom #projectofdoom2015 #POD #timeturner #harrypotter I think I forgot to share last week's blocks! Here is Claire's. #projectofdoom #POD #projectofdoom2015 #unicorn Last night I quilted a portrait of my son. Today I finish my daughter! #projectofdoom #projectofdoom2015 #harrypotter #quilting Week 7 is done! I need to find some new shiny gold and silver fabrics. I have plenty of these but have used them on so many pieces now, I am tired of looking at them! I wonder where I could get my hands on some goblin gold... #projectofdoom #projectofdoom Paper pieced portrait of my daughter! This is a bit bigger than my son's and went together much easier. I love her little blue eyes. :) Now onto the actual block for the week! #projectofdoom #projectofdoom2015 #quilting And here is the one for my quilt. I threw some gillyweed in the vial. Never know when one might need to breathe under water! #projectofdoom #projectofdoom2015 #POD #harrypotter #gillyweed
by Wendi Riggens-Miller

Pod week 1 Lantern block2
by Jo Minvielle

by amalthia79

by Shelley Daley

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
by Amy Kline

If your Flickr Photos have not been showing up on Fandom In Stitches for Tuesday Photos, go to your Flickr account settings and look for privacy and permissions. It most likely has been reset to "no." Change this to "yes" and your photos will be sharable here on Tuesday Photos. Thanks to everyone for bearing with us after the recent Flickr changes. 

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The Project of Doom 2015 Quilt Along on Fandom In Stitches photo PoD2015ComingSoon_zpsf2dd6a6c.jpg

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