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Monday, March 30, 2015

Game of Thrones

Excitement is reaching fever pitch around the world as it is now 13 days until Season 5 Episode 1 airs.  In light of this and the fact I have finally finished reading all the books - today we start on my patterns.

First up we have the  Direwolves.  

For those who are not familiar with the show - I think a bit of background is warranted.  

The show is set in fictional land of Westeros.

Everyone in Westeros lives in  a specific realm ruled by a specific family. All families are aligned to one of these ruling families.  Each family has a sigil (banner) and a motto.  

The original realms were:-

Kingdom of the North -Stark Family
Kingdom of the Mountain and Vale -Arryn Family
Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers - Hoare Family
Kingdom of the Rock - Lannister Family
Kingdom of the Stormlands -Durrandon Family
Kingdom of the Reach -Gardener Family
Kingdom of Dorne - Martell Family

Aegon from the House Targaryan conquered all the kingdoms (except Dorne) with the help of his Dragons. House Stark, Lannister and Arryn maintained their Kingdoms as they submitted to Aegon as their ruler.  Aegon set up his Capital in Kings Landing.

House Hoare was eliminated and their kingdom divided among House Greyjoy and House Tully.
House Gardener was eliminated and their kingdom appointed to House Tyrell.
House Durrandon was extinguished when conquered by House Baratheon.
House Dorne remained independent for over 200 years until they joined the Targaryens in marriage.

The Targaryans ruled for 280 years until they were overthrown by Robert of the House Baratheon.  This is where the Game of Thrones  story begins.

Today we will look at the House Stark. It's Sigil is a grey Direwolf on a white background.  It's motto is 'Winter is Coming'.

There are 6 children in the Stark family - Rob, John (a bastard of unknown mother), Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon.  At the start of the story they find 6 Direwolf puppies and adopt one each.

Grey Wind - Rob
Ghost - Jon
Lady - Sansa

Nymeria - Arya
Shaggy Dog-Rickon
Summer - Bran

Ghost and Pattern

Grey Wind
Shaggy Dog

til next week


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