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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Give Potter A Hand

Harry's Glasses POD version 2014 Pattern
by Jennifer Ofenstein
5" paper pieced

Earlier this year, we hosted Throwback Thursday: Harry Potter Style.

While there wasn't a huge response for the event, I continued to update my own Harry Potter-themed patterns (you can see all of my HP designs on Sewhooked). After working on them quite sporadically during the first half of the year, I finally just started at the top and have been updating ALL of my earlier patterns.

What a job!

Most of my non-Project of Doom HP designs date from 2005 - 2007, when I was working on my first Harry Potter quilt. I've had oodles of practice since then, and I wanted to give all of my older designs a good overhaul so they reflect my current style. Many of the designs stayed exactly the same, they're just cleaner and easier to work with. I've also come across a number of patterns that had either never been released, were part of The Project of Doom but would make a great stand-alone block, or needed a complete redo.

Those are the patterns you'll find in this post.

Hand of Glory 2014
Hand of Glory, complete redesign of an older pattern
by Jennifer Ofenstein
5" paper pieced

Reference Photo for The Hand of Glory
Just for fun, this is the reference photo I used to draw The Hand of Glory! I draw almost all of my patterns from scratch and use all kinds of crazy things for reference, myself included!

Eagle Owl, 2014 update
Eagle Owl, adapted from The Project of Doom
The Eagle Owl is included in the PoD as an alternative block for Hedwig. 
This version has been entirely redrafted.
by Jennifer Ofenstein
5" paper pieced

Parchment Scroll (rolled) 2014
by Jennifer Ofenstein
5" paper pieced

Detailed Sorting Hat 2014
Detailed Sorting Hat, updated version of an older pattern
by Jennifer Ofenstein
5" paper pieced

Teacup 2014 Update
by Jennifer Ofenstein
5" paper pieced

You can find these (and many more!) free Harry Potter-inspired patterns on our Harry Potter page!

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