Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Gang's All Here!

8" x 12" paper pieced

Go ahead, squee, we know you want to!

After years of being on our Request List, TweLoQ has come through with not one, but FIVE Peanuts-themed patterns! We love us some Snoopy around here!

Click on the name for the pattern!
Peanuts-LinusVanPelt Peanuts-CharlieBrown Peanuts-LucyVanPelt Peanuts-SallyBrown
8" x 12" paper pieced

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  1. Oh my goodness! How cute are those?! Love them. TweLoQ, you did a beautiful job!

    xo -E

  2. Adorable! I'm normally not a Peanuts fan, but I want to make them as they are so well designed!

  3. OMG!! I absolutely love these and can't wait to make them! I love the fabric selections in the samples. I only hope mine come out as cute! Thank you for sharing your hard work.

  4. These are fabulous! I am so excited to file these away as a treat for when I finally get through some of my UFOs. ;)

  5. I am a huge fan and just love these!!! Thank you so much for your sharing spirit!! :)