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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Well, merry people!

Before we start our Tuesday fun, a little housekeeping: All Pattern Archive pages have been moved. Pattern Archives are the pages like Harry Potter, Animated/Children, etc. listed in the menu at the top of every Fandom In Stitches page. These pages have thumbnails and direct links to all FiS patterns. The Archives themselves have not changed, but the URLs have. This is our solution to a long-term problem with Blogger randomly renaming page addresses. Our current set-up should avoid that in the future. Please use the directory above to find what you're looking for (Harry Potter, Sci-Fi, etc.). We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience.

The last There and Back Again pattern has been posted, but the fun isn't quite over yet! You can still win our last monthly TABABOM flickr prize, a beautiful Hobbit-themed pendant from SarahAnneLily Pendants! See details below.

For icing on our Hobbit cake, we are thrilled to announce the TABABOM participation Grand Prize from our good friend Amber of Amber's Originals, a gorgeous, custom-created lapghan! Want to win this memento of our journey? It's simple: just finish your There and Back Again quilt (or quilt top) using all 13 BOM designs. You can use the layout we provided or one of your own creation. Take a photo and add it to our flickr group no later than November 12, 2012. The winner will be announced Tuesday, November 13!

There and Back Again Signature Blocks

Signature Block Pattern

Reminder! The four TABABOM designers, Jennifer, Michelle, Lilja and Schenley, would be honored if you would consider sharing a signature block with each of us to help us commemorate your participation in There and Back Again.
In return for your signature blocks, the TABABOM Designers will donate $1 for each block received (per designer) to the Red Cross in our respective countries.
Deadline: December 1, 2012!

New On Fandom In Stitches
(click on the image to go to the pattern or tutorial)
Harry Potter Quilt Block - Marauder's MapPhotobucket



Our October prize comes from SarahAnneLily Pendants! Be sure to visit her etsy shop for all her gorgeous handmade wares! Share your There and Back Again (TABABOM) photos with our flickr group in October for a chance to win a this gorgeous pendant!

TABABOM photos from the FiS flickr group:

by TyzyPluis

bom 12 Arkenstone bom 13 Lonely Mountain (composite)
by FantasyFan2

There & Back 06 The Precious (mine) There & Back 04 Sting (mine) There & Back 05 The Bridge to Rivendell (mine) There & Back 02 The Cloaks at Bilbo's House (mine) There & Back 03 The Road (mine) There & Back 01 Gandalf (mine) There & Back 10 Smaug (mine) There & Back 09 Barrels Out of Bond (mine) There & Back 07 The Lord of the Eagles (mine) There & Back 12 The Arkenstone (mine) There & Back 11 Mithril (mine) There & Back 08 Picking Out Bear Tracks (mine)
by aero_simmy

flickr prize

Each month, Fandom In Stitches gives away a flickr prize for general participation. How do you win one of our fabulous prizes? It's easy! Share photos of your blocks and other projects you have made using Fandom In Stitches patterns with our flickr group! You receive one entry for each project! Only photos posted to flickr are eligible to win.
This month, share your photos for a chance to win an autographed copy of Sisterhood of Suns, by author Martin Schiller!

Want to sponsor a prize? Just drop us an email!

This week's awesome flickr pics:

GoF Wall Hanging
by dozmuffinxc

Yell- OOO!!!!!
by JodiB63

Edward blocks covers together
by kristenn73

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Details coming soon!


  1. When does the paper backing come off the blocks in the assembly process?
    (FantasyFan - it won't let me login)

    1. I personally like to leave my paper on until the sashing is in place. The paper helps to stabilize any bias edges you may have from paper piecing.

      Sorry about the Blogger login problem. I honestly have no idea!

    2. Thanks! I've got it about half put together now, and I've decided to add some more silver embellishment to some of the blocks to help pull them together more. I have to say "thank you" for such a fun project. I've learned a lot and had a blast doing it.

    3. I am absolutely thrilled to hear that! It really was a fun project. There's nothing quite like quilting along with other fans of one of your favorite things!