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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Harry Potter Tote Bag Tutorial

Gryffindor Tote Bag
by Shannon Shaw
reposted with permission

It is with great excitement that I share the following awesome tutorial written by Shannon Shaw. Shannon has been a friend of Fandom In Stitches from the beginning. She is the long-arm quilter for the original Project of Doom quilt.  In addition to being a fantastically talented piecer and long-arm quilter, Shannon also makes beautiful hand-dyed yarn. 

Find her on Rock Creek Quilts and in her Etsy Shop.

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for the Hogwarts House Unity Tote!

Gryffindor Tote Bag Directions

Printable Directions

Fabric A (Gold) 
  •  7 - 8" x 8"
  •  2 - 6" x 6"  (cut in half diagonally to make 4 triangles)
Fabric B (Scarlet)
  • 4 - 8" x 8"
  • 2 - 9" x 9" (cut in half diagonally to make 4 triangles)
Fabric B (Scarlet) 
  •  2 - 4" x 25"
Fabric B (Scarlet) 
  • 1 - 22 1/2" x 44"
Cotton Batting or Fusible Fleece  
  • 2 - 1 1/4" x 25"

Alternate fabrics for the Hogwarts House of your Choice

Fabric A  Silver/Gray Bronze/BrownBlack
Fabric BGreenBlueYellow

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at hermionejean7@gmail.com.


Piece your favorite Harry Potter block. It doesn't have to be a Hogwart's house block.

Harry Potter Pattern Page

Matching center of side of HP block and center of long side of gold triangle, place right sides together and stitch.  Press towards gold triangle.  Repeat with opposite side of HP block.

Trim edges even with edges of HP block

Repeat for last two steps for remaining two sides of HP block

Square block to 8 " x 8"
Referring to the first picture (L), sew a gold 8" x 8" square to a scarlet 8" x 8" square to a gold 8" x 8" square to a scarlet 9" triangle.  Make sure the scarlet triangle is positioned correctly.  Press towards scarlet fabric.  Repeat to make 3.  Make another one with the HP block positioned as in the second photo (R).

Looking at picture, sew the bottom of a gold square to the side of the other gold square to make an L shape. Start the seam 1/4" in.  Repeat to make 2 total.

Looking at pic & diagram, sew both L shapes together leaving 1/4" open on each sides of seam

Now take one scarlet point and pull it over the corner of where the gold square is sewn to the scarlet triangle.  This will sew one side of the bag together.

Repeat for remaining 3 sides and turn right side out.


Lay each 4" x 25" piece of strap fabric right side down on ironing board.  Place a 1 1/4" x 25" batting/fleece even with one edge of strap and fold over.  Press.

Fold opposite raw edge over to meet other folded raw edge.  Press.


Fold over to completely encase batting/fleece.  Press, pin and stitch to secure edge.  Add a stitch or two on each side of first seam.  You can use decorative stitches if you would like and your sewing machine has them.


Pin each strap end to the center of each scarlet triangle.  Baste all 4 ends.



W/right sides together and using a 1/2" seam, stitch down one side.  On the opposite side, sew a seam leaving an 8" opening in middle of side.  Press bottom folded edge.

W/bag still wrong side out, line up side seam with pressed bottom edge of lining.  Press.

Measure down from point on each side 7 3/8".  Mark on each side and draw a line connecting each mark.  Pin & sew a seam on drawn line.  

Repeat for other side and trim off corners. 

Attaching Bag to Lining

W/ bag right side out and lining inside out, place bag inside lining.  Pin top edges and stitch together.  (I added a zigzag stitch to reinforce the seam.)

Pull bag right side out through the opening in the side of the lining.  Whipstitch opening shut.  Place lining inside bag  & iron top of bag.

Enjoy your Hogwarty goodness!

Hogwarts House Unity Tote Directions
Hogwart's Unity Tote Bag Side 4 Hogwart's Unity Tote Bag Side 3 Hogwart's Unity Tote Bag Side 2 Hogwart's Unity Tote Bag Side 1

The Hogwarts House Unity Tote uses the same technique as above with a few substitutions.


Fabric A (Black)   
  • 4  -  8" x 8"
  • 8  -  6" x 6"  (cut in half diagonally to make 16 total)
Fabric B (Scarlet, Green, Blue & Yellow)     
  • 1  -  8" x 8"  of each of the 4 colors
  •  1  -  9" x 9"  of each of the 4 colors  (cut in half diagonally using 1 triangle of each color)

Fabric A (Black)   
  • 2  -  4" x 25"

Fabric A (Black)    
  • 1  -  22 1/2" x 44"
Follow the directions above referring to the photos below for the change in colors & placement of houses.

Printable Directions

Written and photographed by Shannon Shaw. Updated for Fandom In Stitches by Jennifer Ofenstein.

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