Monday, October 31, 2011

Science Fiction, Double Feature OR Happy Halloween!

a free 7" paper pieced pattern

Greetings, earthlings.

Today, those of us here at Fandom In Stitches would like to wish you a very Haunted, Horrible Halloween!

Beware of Witches, Ghouls, Goblins and Vampires!

A Happy Jack can lure you in...
Jack-O-Lantern, pieced by Marissa, designed by Sonja Callaghan

Are these bats really what they seem to be?
Bats 2014 update

Bats designed by Jennifer Ofenstein

If you see this...then it is probably too late....
Fangs, pieced by Cat, designed by Jennifer Ofenstein

Unless, by some good fortune, 
you have a wooden steak about your person...
Mr Pointy
Mr. Pointy designed by Lilja Björk Sigurdórsdóttir

Do you have horrible, haunted quilts? We want to see them! Leave us a link in comments or post them to our Flickr Group!

Month 02 - November 2, 2011

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