Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vampires Are Dead...I mean Live!

Exciting news!

The Vampires page here at Fandom In Stitches is now LIVE! That's right, our very first page of patterns here at FiS is an homage to the undead.


If you're a visitor to Twilight Crafts or to Sewhooked, you will recognize some, if not all, of the patterns on the Vampire page. The great majority of the patterns there were designed by the ever fabulous Cat Magraith (hardhatcat) for Twilight Crafts' 2010 Block of the Month. There are also some great patterns from the very talented Lilja Björk Sigurdórsdóttir (liljabs).

The Vampires page currently includes Buffy/Angel, True Blood and Twilight. There are some new Buffy patterns in the works, so check back for those soon!

Please consider this a test. This is the first live pattern page here on FiS. We'd love your feedback, suggestions and ideas for new Fandom patterns!


  1. Great stuff again.

    I guess from this page in particular you can see what fandoms i follow!!