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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Can't Keep My Eye Off Of You

Moody's Magical Eye
Mad Eye Moody's Magical Eye by Jennifer Ofenstein

Really? Another eyeball? Well, yeah, though this is the eye of a good guy and not an infinitely evil one

With all other categories established and currently up to date, it's time to turn to the big daddy of Fandom In Stitches - Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is what started it all for me and for many of the designers here at FiS. We all met through the HP fandom and most of us have designed at least one HP pattern. I, myself, have designed hundreds. That, in a nutshell, is why Harry Potter is the only fandom here on FiS that has it's very own page!

The HP pattern page will definitely take the longest to get up to date, but I hope for you will be worth the wait to see so many wonderful patterns all in one place. I would ask that you refrain from making HP pattern requests until the announcement that the page is up to date. There are just so many patterns, you'll be amazed to see the sheer volume of choices you will have for your own HP fandom quilt!

Hogwarts Crest 
You can still find many of the Harry Potter patterns that will be posted on Fandom In Stitches hosted over on Sewhooked. There will be a very few patterns that will be retired and won't make the transition from there to here, but not many and definitely not any favorites! The best part about the move from Sewhooked to FiS is that all Harry Potter patterns will be on one page, sorted by category and much, much easier to find!

Make sure and keep in touch because there is much, much more quilty fandom goodness coming your way!

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