Friday, March 9, 2012

New Designer in the (FiS) House!

Cars, by Kim K
2"x3" frame, 14 ct

Fandom In Stitches is pleased to introduce a brand new designer, Kim K from Geek Stitching! Kim is not only a new talent for FiS, but she also brings cross-stitch and embroidery to our pattern selection for the very first time!

Her style is unique and minimalistic, making her patterns a great way for beginners to learn!

You might remember Kim as our February TABABOM Sponsor. She made this little gem for our lucky winner!

2"x3" frame, 14 ct

2"x3" frame, 14 ct

Visit Kim's Blog for even more patterns and a Hunger Games giveaway!

2"x3" frame, 14 ct

Do you have patterns you'd like to share with Fandom In Stitches? Check out this post for more information!

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Month 7: April 4, 2012

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